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Misshaps and adventure

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I just felt the need to share how a session I just dm'd went. So I've been running a naval themed campaign for close to a year and a half. Pretty close to the start of the game I introduced them to this sea ship restaurant called the Sea Shanty, and it was run by this bartender who only accepted payment from by being told a story. After a bit of work they discovered that this was actually a Homebrew God I invented called Holo the Nomadic god. Which coincidently was already my parties clerics God. Recently a new player joined my campaign and he is playing a warforged rogue artificer multiclass and was able to see that after a year and a half that this was actually a custom hag I created that fed on memories and used illusion spells to make herself appear as the Nomadic God. I had even been making them throw wisdom saves when they try to recall things they've told the god/hag. And they weren't putting the memory loss together until the warforged came along. Along the way the paladin of the party even trusted her sisters safety with this god /hag and didn't even put it together when she got total amnesia the next time they ran into her at the bar. So they finally confront the hag. The cleric uses divine intervention and it actually works to reveal everything as it is. Showing this monstrous hag and all its repulsion. Before combat happens the hag pulls out voodoo dolls of the paladins sister, the cleric, and the innocent patrons also in the bar, threatening them to back off. The party ignores her and attacks anyway. They all roll really good but the hag rolls a 19+2 and goes first, instantly killing the Sister and sicking her minions (the employees of the bar) on them. The party does a lot of damage to her but I gave her an ability where once per turn she uses a reaction to have the voodoo doll take the hit and the voodoo doll is vulnerable to all damage. On her second turn she casts etherealness and starts attacking the clerics voodoo doll from the ethereal plane. It takes a couple rounds for them to deal with the minions and they start looking through her "lab" in the back. The barbarian just starts breaking everything, her cauldron, bookshelf, spell components and everything else she can find to taunt her to return. The hag lashes out by killing all the patrons in the bar. The ranger finds the spell book and trys to cast etherealness to send the cleric to the ethereal plane to finish his personal vendetta. Being a 7th level spell I made them roll a check as if it was a spell scroll. They don't roll nearly high enough but I'm a merciful (chaotic) dm and just say the spell backfires sending a random party member to the ethereal plane. I roll and the paladin goes. At this point the hag has only 10 hp but the party doesn't know this. The paladin goes next, first attack… miss. Second attack hits she puts in her highest spell slot to hit her and completely forgets about her reaction to move one attack per round to the voodoo doll dealing 104 damage to the cleric killing him.( they had back up healers so he got back up next round). The paladin uses shield master shove bonus action and smites on that killing the hag, but she was so frustrated that she decided to "brutalize her to a pulp" with her shield destroying the spell components on her. Everyone was botching there investigation rolls to find another heartstone but I through them a bone and said the recipe to make one is in the spell book but it requires the hearts of the freshly dead. Then they remembered the barbarian destroyed the cauldron. Not knowing how to get her out of the ethereal plane and the game already running a little later than normal we decided that it was a problem for next session. I have no idea what they're gonna do but I felt like this was too good a story to not share.

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