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Module Review: Truffle Kerfuffle

Content of the article: "Module Review: Truffle Kerfuffle"

Module:Truffle Kerfuffle

Character Level: 1st

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The Setup: A local lord sends out an adventuring party to determine what is interfering with his regular shipments of mushrooms. Gold is promised for completing this quest.

Players : I had a mixture of 2 brand new players, 2 that are more familiar with 3.5, and 1 fairly experience player. I made 1st level pregens for them, Elven Ranger, Halfling Rogue, Half-elf Warlock, Dragonborn Paladin, and Dragonborn Cleric.

Playing Experience: The adventure starts with a gnome, wacked out on shrooms, running out of the forest, followed by ambulatory mushrooms. After the battle, the adventurers enter the gnome town where they can RP a bit with the gnomes, where they find out that there has been a general issue with their mushrooms and other normally inanimate things coming to life, attacking the townsfolk, and moving deeper into the forest. When the characters follow the tracks they find a demonic cult is worshipping a evil object that is of course causing the problem. The PCs fight off the cultists and then destroy the demonic object. The curse is lifted, the local economy returns to normal, and the PCs can collect their gold.

Notable alterations: The module only has two real NPCs, the gnome at the beginning and the town leader. I made another 7 NPCs – which my players didn’t bother interacting with.

The module is made for 4 players but I scaled it up a bit for 5 players

More importantly, the ‘final battle’ is pretty basic. Once the PCs took care of them I had the demonic object transform into the demon itself, which I made as a gigantic mushroom-pus, for which I used the Gigantic Octopus stat block, but nerfed a bit so not to TPK my party.

Playing Time: 3.5 hours with one break. It will probably go quicker with experienced players, or slower if you have, methodical planners or a heavy role playing style.

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Thoughts: I’ve been DMing close to a year, but this was my 1st experiencing running a one shot and it was I think a great introductory module. This also extends to being a good intro for new players. The way it was played it was about 60% combat, 40% roleplay and investigation. It also has some travel, and an element that is essentially a trap. So minus any dungeon crawl, it covers much of the pillars of D&D.

The setup and general concept is lighthearted and fun, and for those DMs who appreciate weirdness and humor, it’ll be fun. By the name you are right to assume this is not for the gritty realism fan.

As constructed, the battles are pretty low in the challenge rating. Again I think this was mostly a positive for breaking in some new or rusty players, but if you have veterans I’d recommend adding or padding the enemies.

The Module is fairly lightweight which allows for quite a bit of customization for your table. There’s a couple of if/then branches which my PCs didn’t go through, but I liked knowing that they were there. There’s enough base material that it could be expanded easily to a 6+ hour adventure if you want something bigger and don’t mind adding your own content.

There are no maps included, but it was easy enough to throw some together from online resources in under an hour.

Recommendation: If fun light hearted D&D is your thing and you want an easy to prep 1st level adventure that’s not goblins in a dungeon, Truffle Kerfuffle fits the bill perfectly.

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