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Money doesn’t solve everything

Content of the article: "Money doesn’t solve everything"

So I have a problem player that is a pirate who runs the ship and crew by selecting The Best of the Best who are most likely to be loyal and pays them handsomely to stay that way. However, when he visited a merchant Port City and he pulled off a con job. One of his crew members was actually someone in disguise who killed the target. So how would my player did is that he ordered his Enforcer to take all the crew members back to the ship and interrogate them through beating them senseless and then paying them afterwards to compensate for their trouble and to keep them on. So once they reach a Pirate Safe Haven to rotate out the crew, he unfortunately is able to get back 10 crew members to run his galleon. Now a galleon is an enormous ship and it requires a lot of people to run it. Once he parked the ship and then came back after a day or two, the ship was gone and he claims that is unfair. Only one crew member was loyal to him and basically explained why the crew stole the ship and staged a mutiny. MyPlayer further explained that he particularly selects crew members that are loyal and won't betray him. However, loyal or not no one would want to stick around if your captain has you beaten senseless and forces you to run a giant ship with only a crew of 10. While trying to pay you off to make sure that you stick around. I hope my player understands that in the world of DnD money doesn't solve everything and how you interact with other NPCs matters. Does anyone else have this issue? And was this too harsh? I know that it's on me that I didn't tell him to make Insight checks to see if his crew members were loyal. But it's on him as well for wanting to take shortcuts.

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