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Most unfortunate player RNG ever?! Hysterical PC death!

Let me tell you the tale of the most interesting way I…? have ever killed one of my players… (Now keep in mind almost everyone was new to DnD, but it was simply RNG that killed this player.

So I was running my friends through a dungeon crawl one-shot adventure when they enter a room that is slick with water. This room slopes towards a river that runs through the center of the chamber and leads to a waterfall. This waterfall then leads to another chamber/level of the dungeon that is also apart of the fast flowing river system. SO BEGIN THE UNFORTUNATE ROLLING OF RNG!

Upon entering the room the players were told to make a DEX saving throwing (DC 12), to avoid slipping and falling into the river and immediately be carried 40 feet down the river. All of the players passed… except for the Monk (level 3) who was the most dexterous character in the party (18 DEX). He fails and then gets swept 40 feet down the river over the edge of the water fall where he suffered 10 (3d6) damage… don't worry he is conscious. The other players immediately chase after him down a staircase that is next to the waterfall, but there really is no chance of them catching up on foot.

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Once hitting the lower level he then needs to make strength saving throws (DC 10) to escape the river. He fails not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 consecutive DC 10 (I REPEAT DC 10) strength saving throws before reaching the next waterfall. He then suffers another 9 damage (3d6) and falls unconscious… time for death saving throws!!! He fails his 1st throw, he fails his 2nd throw, he then fails his 3rd throw…. He is now dead… for shits and giggles we then had him roll until he actually rolled above a 10… he rolled 3 more times before rolling anything that would have counted as a save…. I have never been so stressed out and confused in my life. Every roll I said, "well surely he cant fail this one too! I mean any one of these saves and he is fine!).

He then rerolled a character that I locked up in a different part of the dungeon, which the PCs then find sometime later. He wrote in that this character is deathly afraid of water. If the party comes across any body of water, they tie a rope to him… I think we may have actually genuinely given my friend a imaginary fear of running water.

TL;DR – A player character drowned to death by failing to make a DC 12 saving throw followed by another seven, consecutive, DC 10 saving throws. Statistically speaking this man should never gamble in his life.

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If anyone has any similar experiences with horrible RNG leading to both unfortunate and also hysterical PC deaths, please leave them below!!!


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