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Move from, Shoot, Move to (behind total cover)

Content of the article: "Move from, Shoot, Move to (behind total cover)"

Hi folks, so an interesting point was raised by a player last night.

He seemed to be surprised at the tactic and suggested that this was too exploitative to be used.

  • Moving out off total cover (with no sight of the enemy) into where the main combat is taking place, then shooting from range and then moving back behind the total cover (a corner) – was too exploitative and should be avoided.
    • there was the idea that since combat is effectively all happening during the same 6s, it would be fair to shoot at the moving player even though they started and ended their turn behind total cover/obscured. But AFAIK, that would only be the case based on initiative and a readied action with the trigger shoot on sight? Right?

His concern was that if all people did this, combat would be too tedious/take too long.

I was surprised to hear this concern as it would seem to be a fundamental part of movement and action in Dnd5e. He seemed to suggest that the PHB had specific rules as intended against this, specifically the attack of opportunity – but I don't understand why he would believe that this applied to range combat.

There are millions of tactics the DM can use to discourage this gamey mechanic (specifically ranged enemies using readied action to shoot on sight) but I didn't have a reason to employ that in the fight last night (the two enemies were outnumber 2 to 1, both engaged in melee combat with the paladin and hex blade warlock).

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I will have a chat with the player to straighten this out, but beyond a fear of boring combat – I am having difficulty seeing where they are coming from on this subject. (The other players also seem concerned at the suggestion we change this move, shoot, move tactic – as it would impact a bunch of their build plans).

Do you fine folk have any comment on this?

Is this possibly a throw back to 2e, where I vaguely remember you had to stop to shoot?

Is there a way to satisfyingly discourage the behaviour but not nerf the mechanics, or a homebrew rule that helps against this? (though I am not convinced such a rule should be introduced).

Thank you all you great DMs out there.

(If this sounds very familiar to anyone reading it – hi group, hope you are all cool, please don't hold it against me for seeking the group think on this issue).

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