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While I am not the DM of my group’s current campaign, my friend is and I’m making this post for him because I know he won’t ask for help even though he very much needs it.

In our group there is a total of 7 of us, meaning 6 players during D&D.

When we started playing D&D a few months ago, everything started out really well, but as time went on the party started splitting off to go on their own quests and the DM allowed it, and according to him he allowed it due to his inexperience as a DM and our group’s inexperience of playing D&D.

This campaign went on for a few months, but eventually it got too much and the DM proposed to the group that we make new characters and just start fresh with a new campaign. Everyone was open to this idea, so it’s what we decided to do.

While the group did a bit better this campaign staying together (2 main groups rather than completely splitting apart), the new problem was with some players attempting to influence the game (as a player out of game) and would argue with the DM because they didn’t like a decision made that only impacted 1 player, simply because they didn’t agree with it.

These types of arguments caused the new campaign to be brought to a halt and the DM actually took a month off from coming to our group’s weekly get togethers.

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After he came back I offered to give him a break while I DM a sw5e (Star Wars D&D) campaign.

A week or so later my friend (the other DM) came to me and expressed interest in DMing a 2-3 session campaign. We had just finished a quest in sw5e so I said that it would be a good time for it. Everyone made their characters and we started.

In an effort to forcefully keep the group together, he had us start with some kind of magical collar that would force us to stay within 10ft of the closest character.

This quickly went downhill because 1 player decapitated another in order to remove the collar, but another player brought him back to life with a spell. When the dead player was revived he no longer had the collar, so then another player killed themselves and demanded that the other player revive him as well.

Because of this, the DM called a timeout and said that the collars now no longer exist. After that the session went relatively well.

The second session starts and it’s a decent start, but quickly gets out of control because some players want to go off and do their own thing, (similar to the 1st campaign) and other players are just watching YouTube or something on their phones.

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At a certain point the DM simply says that he wants to leave and packs up his stuff and goes about and hour before our normal end time.

I’ve texted him a few times asking what specifically caused him to leave because I would speak to the group about it, but he hasn’t responded. I know from an email he sent out when we decided to start a new campaign that he does want to DM so my goal is to help him be able to do that.

One detail I haven’t talked about yet is how we handle friendly fire. In the first campaign it was allowed, which I feel may have led to a few problems.

In the second campaign the DM decided to not allow friendly fire, but said that there was kind of a grey area when it comes to “non harmful spells”. In that campaign I felt at a disadvantage and potentially threatened (you’d understand if you knew some of the group members) because I was one of the few characters without spells of any kind so the whole grey area thing did cause me to split off a bit from the main party, especially since I would have no in game way to retaliate.

As you can tell, friendly fire was allowed in the 2-3 session campaign.

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I’ll admit that at times I’ve had small involvement in the problems, but that was a while ago and I’ve since been a much better player. Like I said, I know my friend wants to DM but I just don’t think he knows how to handle some of our players. I’ll happily answer any questions since I know this is a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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