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Multiple Hogwartses

Hiya! So I'm worldbuilding, and here's my D&D idea, broken into two parts: 1. Lore and 2. Request for ideas


Each "school" of magic (except necromancy, which gets complicated due to plot reasons) is legitimately going to be a school, in the world, in 5 different countries. And the top of a mountain island city-state for Divination.

All schools know the names and functions of spells 1-8, so anyone proficient in arcana does by extension. 9th level spells are either just recently discovered/developed and therefore not widely known (perhaps even greedily guarded), or the PC is the first to come up with it.

Levels 1-3 of any school can be learned at any of the other schools. so you may learn those spells without needing to consult anybody.

Levels 4-6 MUST be taught to you by either a practitioner of the spell you're looking for, or by traveling to that school in the world. If you have the cash, you can pay any school to teleport you to another school (I dunno what to charge though). You gain the appropriate spell slot for your level, you just don't know the spells yet. Then all at once you learn spells 4-6 of THAT SCHOOL'S spells, or THAT PRACTITIONER'S spells, even if you're too low level to cast the higher level spells yet. They're kinda just homework that your character gets to take with them.

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Levels 7 and 8 are ones where there's only going to be a handful of people in the world who know each school's spells for, signature spells that maybe they were the one who invented, so the school would have to refer you to them.


So knowing this, in my head it sounds like something that can be really immersive if done well, and really tedius and frustrating if executed poorly. And my first thought for how to do it well is to have each school be interesting, unique, and rewarding to go to. The school of enchantment is like Beauty and the Beast where otherwise inanimate objects talk and move and it's located near what basically amounts to medieval Las Vegas that hangs vertically all the way down a cliff to a beach. My campaign starts in a land where the only "school" available is a wizard tower owned by an Evocation wizard who's very high level but also very asocial and only has a dozen or so pupils that he mentors. Otherwise he moved out here specifically because it was so far away from all the magical hubbub. The school of illusion can be seen from miles away as if it were just beyond the trees, and remains that way until you are physically close enough that it reverts back to your natural vision, and it doesn't have any visible doors. The schools of Conjuration and Abjuration are on opposite sides of a country that strictly forbids the usage of any other school's spells. Divination is on an island with the living quarters at the base and the chateau at the top with a breathtaking view of the world, a view that is amplified by being there.

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But that's not enough for me. I want interesting ideas for how these places *run*. Like Evocation being literally just a crotchety old wizard and not really a proper "school", maybe another one being like a Hogwarts thing. I think the Conjuration one LOOKS like a tower but has a secret city inside it (The Magnificent Mansion spell being a Conjuration spell).

What kind of ideas would anyone like to share for some interesting things that could make traveling to these places seem less like a chore and more like an excuse to go back? Are there any notable modules for a wizard school themed story arc?

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