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Murder Mystery: what happens to the killer?

Content of the article: "Murder Mystery: what happens to the killer?"

I decided to start my campaign off with a classic murder mystery dinner, which my players are loving so far. We've gone through two sessions where they've talked to people, explored different rooms, and gathered clues (along with red herrings). During our next session, I feel like they're going to crack it open with the information they have. But that leaves me with a bit of a conundrum…. What are they going to do once they figure out whodunnit?

They're the ones investigating because

  • one PC was invited to the dinner to keep an eye on things because the butler has been acting suspicious
  • one PC was invited because the host heard his battle stories
  • one PC has been working in the gardens of the estate (traveling druid), so he knows the grounds and other workers
  • one PC is pretending to represent the local lawmaster. (Damn lying Kenku wanted a way into the party and found one!)

The only way from town to the estate is over a bridge. There was an intense storm during dinner, and the river is known to rise quickly and overtake the bridge, so everyone was invited to stay the night (since they couldn't ride back to town). The murder happened during the night. We're around 1:30pm the following day.

I'm unsure what scenarios to prepare for, for when they figure out who did it. Right now their prevailing theory is actually way more complex than what happened (which is lots of fun for me!). In reality, it's a retired soldier who was paid to assassinate the other guest (former member of the Council of the Throne– it's a rotating set of nobles.) The killer did it for the money and because of a threat to his family. It's tied into a larger plot, but he doesn't know any of that part of it.

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We've already established that his shortsword is in his guest room. I'm unsure if the party would still attack him, but I doubt it unless he resists. But what do you do in this situation? Haul him into town to be put on trial?

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