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Murderhobo Blessing in Disguise

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My players are investigating the disappearance of an artificer to whom they are supposed to deliver a large letter of credit. Last week, they decided to go totally murderhobo on a potential lead. The shopkeeper apparently wasn’t giving them sufficient answers despite threats and a bit of violence (and he really didn’t know anything else), so they ended up killing him so that he wouldn’t go to the authorities. Then, since it was a cannon shop that of course had piles of gunpowder kegs sitting around, they blow up the shop to destroy any evidence.

At first, I was kind of pissed and flabbergasted that they did that. But after thinking about it, I’ve realized that it was actually a blessing in disguise. Since no one noticed them leave (due to the gigantic explosion commanding everyone’s attention), the authorities will assume that this was an unfortunate accident with the merchandise.

The party will soon be forced to go to the Illithid Embassy to get key information if they want to proceed. The ambassador is bored, hates his job, and wants the party to entertain him by doing drugs. Specifically, psionic mushrooms that will induce a hyper-realistic shared hallucination that the ambassador can mentally watch like a movie. The drug trip itself will be the crazy adventure from the Rick & Morty crossover, so it’s going to be awesome. But I need to make sure the whole party does the drugs.

With the murderhobo incident, however, I have exactly what I need. If the party refuses, the Illithid ambassador (who of course will be using Detect Thoughts during the meeting) can now threaten to tell the Bralian authorities what really happened at Krunz Kanonwerks. And since the party is in no way capable of handling a mind flayer yet—let alone one at home with thralls and intellect devourers on premises, as well as several more mind flayers a telepathic call away at the tavern across the street—their choice is to do the drugs or face imminent arrest. So now we should be set to do the fun subquest with only the party’s own actions to railroad them.

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So in sum, it’s amazing how something that the party did that took them off the expected path can be an inroads to getting them back on track.

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