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My 1st experience of, “I’m just playing my character”

Content of the article: "My 1st experience of, “I’m just playing my character”"

First, this dump post. This is about the first time I actually feel a character I created would go against the group.

In this homebrew DM made, I’m part of a noble family who basically hires our family members to fight in wars and things to get fame and money. I have a squire and a butler. I travel around looking for knowledge to lift a curse (not important but explains why I’m at the city we’re in). After trying to get info on an NPC, another NPC tells us they will pay us 200 gold each to help protect the city at choke points. We could also defend the noble area which will drastically less enemies if any. So the group was ready to get gold and glory. I thought to myself, my character is loaded and isn’t even the slightest bit concerned with gold or fighting. So I said in character that 200 gold isn’t much and we shouldn’t risk our lives for such little pay. We are level 3. So I break and explain I would like to go fight as well, but my character will need convincing to go. I explain I’m a rich noble and how the situation makes no sense to my character. The group basically appeals to me being a decent person and protecting others which is what one of my deceased family members would have done. So I agree to help. I write this to those who are playing a character, there are ways around your character being a jerk in certain situations. Help the other players to figure out how to work around that. Be a good player.

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Edit: For those who wish to say… *You should have in your backstory you’re cut off. *You are hired out to fight. *Gold is gold. *etc.

This post is about being a good player and resolving the issue of a player saying my character would/n’t do xyz.

I don’t want to have to copy and paste my 11 pages of backstory with a completely homebrewed world the DM made that took months. I said I wouldn’t buy gear with my “unlimited” funds from mommy and daddy. We would keep track of the gold I received during play and purchase only meaningful things with the gold counted as gathered though play. The whole point for me is to play a character I want to play. Our game lets me walk in and buy a drink, mingle with elites, progress the story. That is what the DM and I agreed to. I’m sorry if you don’t like it or wouldn’t allow it. So far, the only thing I bought, was a bottle of wine. The butler brought it to me. The rest, the DM said is on the house because it is covered by my stipend (that I don’t actually get so we don’t have to track money). If I actually got the money my character’s family was asking for, I would have more gold than anyone would ever have at our level. It’s about the story, not just buying whatever we want. Our group hasn’t even been to a shop. I’ve played in campaigns where player had so much gold, they felt it was useless. Don’t forget, this is a post about being able to work around flaws with your group, not bash them.

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