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My campaign has needs of a new class of warlock to fit the BBEG. Ccould I get some feedback on what I’ve written so far please?

Content of the article: "My campaign has needs of a new class of warlock to fit the BBEG. Ccould I get some feedback on what I’ve written so far please?"

First off before we go further I know that coins, gold, and silver aren't magnetic. it's just the properties of the patron that makes the coins act magnetic towards the warlock.

I'm going to try to keep the backstory short so I have more room for the warlock features. My Big Bad Evil Guy is a sentient Golem made out of money. He was a man that was cursed this way and over the past thousand years he's amassed quite a pile of coins. He has establish basically a mafia/mobster style family, and those he trusts for jobs can have access to his Aura that can manipulate coins only. The warlocks can pull the Aura though their focus (see below) but the golem can't have too many at one time or it destabilizes him.

Since the theme of this BBEG is very materialistic I might change some of the spells the warlock has access to fit the theme but spells are my weak point as a DM. I might reference the artificer as it has a more materialistic concept.

It should be noted that while I am making this to fit a pc version of a custom warlock it is not intended for PC use. I just like to have a base for my NPC's before I start making DM exceptions for things. I don't want to make the warlocks too overpowered but I do want to make them slightly over powered as they are powerful minions of a bigger threat.

Level 1: Your patron has recognized you as a member of the family who shows great promise. You have been promoted to the head of a division and granted power from the Coin Golem directly.

The Golem has given you a coin from him. It is either an original coin when the Golem was made or a coin that has been in the Golem's aura for so long it is now a direct part of him. This coin serves as your arcane focus allowing you to draw on the Golem's aura. You can cast your spells as long as this coin is on your person. This allows an almost hands free casting though you still need to make somatic movements. Should you lose this coin you are unable to access the Golem's aura and thus the patron's features. Obtaining a new one requires facing the Golem and receiving a reprimand. When given the coin you were also given with a necklace that the coin can slot into. The necklace is embedded with small magic enhancing gemstones (similar to Eberron's Dragon Shards) that allow a direct connection with the Golem such as contacting him and updating him on how your division is doing, but he doesn't like to be disturbed unless it's an emergency, scheduled, or extremely good news.

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At first level you also gain the ability to know where/how many coins are in a 30ft radius as a passive sense. You can as an action extend that range to 60ft, and by doing so identify what type of coins are in a 30 ft radius. (Note coins stored in pocket dimension such of that as a bag of holding aren't registered to you.)

Main point level 1: free arcane focus, limited hands free casting, coin sense 30 feet/60 feet as an action, Coin identify 30 feet as an action.

Level 2 Invocations I feel like some Invocations don't fit but I just won't pick those.

Level 3 boons. I don't feel Chains does anything for the warlock. I like the idea of a rewrite ofthe pact of the Book called Pact of the Ledger. Weapon pact shouldn't be an issue. After all I am thinking mobsters and whe I think of mobsters I think everyone with a Tommy gun so maybe there could be a specific weapon these guys use like that.

Level 6 Armor of Coins: At six level you obtain the Armor of Shadows Invocation. (if you already have it pick a different one.) you also get a bonus action to call coins (I don't know if it should have a limit) you know the location of to you as an addition to your armor. (if this was written for players I would say that the boost is a +2 to AC when you summon coins this way (like a shield). But as this is for a villainous class option I'm going to make it more complicated to suit the different situations these warlocks might find them selves in.)

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Very few coins: You have been caught unprepared and only have a hand full of coins on you/nearby. The bonus you get is you may impose disadvantage as a reaction to one attack you can see. This is you moving the coins to shield you near the point of impact.

A good number of coins: You have a good number your coins on you/near you. When you armor up with the mage armor spell and use your bonus action to summon the coins around you like a small armor boost you get a +2 AC.

A large/massive amount: you are guarding the horde of gold or at a bank and use your bonus action to call the coins to you. You are now heavily armored by coins and get a set AC of 18 if its such a massive pile of coins then get the shield bonus of +2 as well. You are considered proficient in this armor.

It should be noted that this armor trait is a reflection of the Golem itself. You are using the aura in the way it's “naturally” intended. The aura it's self is the mage armor of AC+dex but the attraction to coins gives it bonuses like mentioned above. I'm debating on making the few coins disadvantage on the attack you use your reaction on or if I want to make it half damage. I know the in the hoard pile AC 18-20 is a lot but that's the point. The warlocks are defending and are in their element. Plus that won't happen unless my players fight in the hoard pit.

I'm not sure what to do for the 10th and 14th level features but my players are only level 4 so I can worry about that later, and while I am open to suggestions for those higher levels I would rather receive input for the content I have written here. Again I want just slightly overpowered, though I am free to change that at will. I still need to look at spells to figure out which ones work best for these type of warlocks and I don't even have coin spells yet so that still needs to be done.

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A friend suggested a feature that when casting a spell that consumes components then as long as the warlock as the gold equivalent the spell consumes that instead. And honestly that sounds kind of cool but I'm not sure how it would work balance wise.

EDIT: facebook friends told me to look into mistborn's allumancy system has it has similar properies

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