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My DM allowed me to make a 9th level spell to celebrate my 1st time reaching high level D&D play after 2 years! I’m excited!

Content of the article: "My DM allowed me to make a 9th level spell to celebrate my 1st time reaching high level D&D play after 2 years! I’m excited!"

Before this, the highest I have ever gone is level 7. Now I'll be level 17 after we take a long rest in our next session on Sunday. He's allowed me to try my hand at creating a level 9 spell, and this is what I came up with : Laminae's Celestial Body We are playing in a modified Descent into Avernus, where we're expected to go to level 20, and have to slay (almost) all the Demon Lords eventually, also take on a Lair of the Mummy Lord (created to be level 20) after the campaign that we accidentally summoned at the start of the campaign with a Bag of Beans.

I'm playing Circle of the Stars (UA) Druid healer. He's approved the spell already, haha.

EDIT :: If I knew this post would have blown up like this, I wouldn't have made it, haha… kinda anxiety inducing to have my 1st real attempt of a spell showcasted for all of you hardcore and seasoned D&D players to pick apart. Scary scary! I was mainly just excited about reaching high levels, and being able to do something neat that the DM suggested I should try. That being said, I edited the spell a bit to fix typos, and make it an Action instead of Bonus action. My Idea behind the spell was that I play a healer, and my character intentionally mostly took healing spells and CC's, and using her actions, reactions, and bonus actions primarily to bolster my team's abilities. Using haste, help, healing, CC's, soooo many faerie fires. We were granted the Sword of Zariel earlier in the campaign, and have been facing (and expected to kill) CR 18+ enemies since level 11-ish. We've lost our strongest weapon (SoZ) and won't get it back, and we still have to face the BBEG along with almost every big-named evil entity in Hell (Avernus).

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I created the spell so that my character could make my teammates still feel powerful, and like "Super Heroes" in a campaign against Demon Lords and Literal Gods. Though it might be strong, I don't feel it's "gamebreaking" when it makes everybody feel power and at their choice. Not in a campaign that's been greatly enhanced in difficulty to compensate. Especially since my party has no Wizards, and is mainly Melee-centric classes.

Thanks for all the feedback though! It'll surely help me if I ever plan on trying my hand at a spell again, though I'm more interested in learning to DM for now. I did my 1st DM'ing one shot last week with my boyfriend! Was exciting! Thanks for all the love!

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