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My DM and I are arguing about spices and portals.

Content of the article: "My DM and I are arguing about spices and portals."

Recently, a player placed a “heward’s handy spice pouch” in a bag of holding. My DM thinks that the bag would open a portal to the astral plane because heward’s handy spice pouch is a portal of somesorts, but I believe that nothing would happen. Here is my argument first:

In the bag of holding’s description, it states that if it is placed inside of an extra-dimensional space, then it would open a portal to the astral plane as stated above. As you can see, nothing is wrong. Here is the DM’s perspective:

Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch has to be drawing that spice from somewhere. You can’t create or destroy matter. The DM’s argument is that the spice pouch is technically a portal to somewhere that has an abundance of spice. Therefore when placed into a Bag of Holding, like Heward’s Handy Haversack, it would have similar effects of creating a portal to the astral plane. Here is my rebuttal:

Nowhere does it say in HHSP’s description that it would open a portal to the astral plane when placed in a BOH. The DM can only assume that. I believe that, for such an important detail, it would have been written in HHSP’s description. Furthermore, he is comparing HHSP to HHH, which are two very different things. HHH is clearly an extradimensional space, while HHSP is simply drawing from elsewhere to create the spices, which is not exactly a portal, if it even draws from somewhere else. Again, this is the DM:

Although it doesn’t say in HHSP’s description that it would open a portal to the astral plane, I assume that it would have similar properties to HHH as the maker Heward may have used similar magic to create the items. And the pouch is technically a portal as it draws from another place not inside of the bag. If it isn’t a portal, what effect would cause it. A very fast mage hand perhaps? Me:

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Just because it is drawing from somewhere else doesn’t mean it is a portal. A player who cast “Create Water” would not be a portal, so neither is a pouch which can cast “Create Spices.”

We have been arguing for way too long, so I need someone to sort this out. Any help would be appreciated! I showed him this post, but it didn’t seem to change his mind. https://www.reddit.com/r/DMAcademy/comments/dhvgj7/my_players_found_hewards_handy_spice_pouch_and/

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