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My DM’s 6 year long multiple campaign spanning Machiavellian plot comes to fruition in the final battle…

Content of the article: "My DM’s 6 year long multiple campaign spanning Machiavellian plot comes to fruition in the final battle…"

Bear with me as this all takes place across three consecutive campaigns going back six or more years.


In C1(Campaign 1) the main plot involved the group being hired by the big bad Boris the Last Sage (Sages were people of immense magical power who had bullshit magic with no rules and could literally do whatever they wanted. We weren't using dnd rules yet because 5e hadn't come out and 4e was trash so we were GURPing it up.)

Eventually the final showdown takes place and Boris' plan comes to fruition which is to tether the all powerful good goddess pneumera to the material plane, steal her soul and absorb it to kill her and ascend to godhood. The fight is a chaotic mess between the emperor of the human kingdom of Olrin (it took place in his throne room for some reason) Boris, some other faction( there was a war going on I think and the capital was under attack), and the party. Some of the party were on Boris' side and the others were on pneumera's side. Much idiocy was had including one player "catching and axe with his face" because he could, and another switching sides literally every turn and healing Boris. All the while pneumera is tethered to the ground and her soul is being hot potatoed around from player to player to eventually wind up in the most unlikely of hands; the normal, everyday man Tyler Michaelson.

Now there was something special about Tyler Michaelson, he was the most devout worshiper of pneumera. One might even have called him her champion. He even spent several years during the groups recess proselytizing her good name all around the country. Pneumera begged him to giver her back her souls so she could continue to protect the world and stop Boris' evil from continuing. And so he did the only logical thing the most devout follower of a god could do when presented with the opportunity to save his deity. He absorbed the soul himself. Pneumera died. Boris died and Tyler Michaelson became the all powerful god of all the planes. That's how C1 ended.

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C2 takes place only 30 years after C1 and the same player who played Tyler Michaelson is still with us playing a new character. The DM rules that since the player was still there and his old character is all powerful if we prayed to him and asked for help he could choose to provide it. Normally this would be abused to all hell but you see… Tyler Michaelson was an asshole. Praying to him was always a risk.

The best example of this was one time a character called Muckman was extremely low on health and right next to a friendly thrown bomb (we're retarded). He prayed to his deity but didn't roll high enough to elicit a response. In desperation he prayed to Tyler Michaelson because if this bomb went off he would 100% die. He begged the all powerful Tyler Michaelson to do the small favor of moving him only 10 feet to the right to be out of the bomb's range. Tyler Michaelson responded by moving everything in the universe 10 feet to the right. At first Muckman celebrated, but then the bomb exploded. That was Tyler Michaelson in a nutshell.

At one point the player while roleplaying Tyler Michaelson made the offhand comment/ joke about reincarnating pneumera somewhere in the wilderness without any memories as a further fuck you since he'd already fucked her over initially back in C1.


C3 takes place a little over 500 years after C2 and the group is fighting the creator god Amalgas whose is attempting to regain his godhood in order to recreate the universe because he doesn't like what it's become in his absence. Now Amalgas wasn't acting alone in this, he had followers and a very powerful female companion whom he called his wife. She was very powerful and we didn't know her name at all and didn't really care. At one point we do actually manage to kill her, which was not the DM's plan, and I manage to soulcatch her and because my character was vindictive as fuck put her soul into a dagger.

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In the final battle Amalgas enacted his plan to break the walls between planes of the gods and the material plane so he could kill and absorb some god like beings to regain power. We had almost beaten him and at this point all he had to do was escape and let his plan play out. There was nothing we could do to catch him but at the last second my character taunted him with the knife. He immediately used all of his legendary actions to move right up next to my character, but he couldn't attack. We then finished him off and some fuckery happen, he had a clone backup for his soul to go to so there was a final final battle.

In the final final battle Amalgas is in his final form right before ascending(kinda like DIO but not heaven ascended DIO yet). He kills my character and claims the knife as his prize. The rest of the party dies, but he does as well. As he's Endgame fading away the soul in the knife uses the last of the creator god's power to reform as the wife of Amalgas. She then reveals that this was her ultimate plan and that she is actually the reincarnated pneumera who's been moving chess pieces since the very beginning of C3 to regain her power. With the party TPKed there's no one left to stop her. She ascends into the beam of all of the aligned moons on top of the very magical MT Shia (named after the actor of course) when out of nowhere a magical flying dingy from earlier in the campaign(*like session 2) that we'd lost control of and now just kinda flew around the planet at high speeds smacks into her and obliterates her saving the multiverse.

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God I love my group.

TLDR; my DM took a player's off handed comment/action from like 4 years ago and made it shape the next 2+ year long campaign we ran that just ended

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