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My Druid “accidentally” almost choked himself to death

Content of the article: "My Druid “accidentally” almost choked himself to death"

Hi all,

Oddly enough my druid found himself trying to "choke himself to death" while the enemy tried to save him.

You might ask yourself: "What?!",

Well, TBH it's a fair question with an unreasonable answer.

Our party fought against a very strong party (which in hindsight we had little to no chance to win), they used some kind of collars on us, that prevent us from using magic.

One of those enemies put a collar on him while he was in wild shape as a giant snapping turtle, since he is a stubborn halfling(or turtle) he tried to pull back his neck fast into the shell in hope that it will break to collar off, unfortunately, it did not succeed, not only that the collar also zapped him out of wild shape form(the collar shrunk with him), and left him helpless on the floor.

So he found himself in a small room, With his party fighting in the next room, two party members fainted on the floor near him, with that freaking collar on his neck, with only his staff, Immovable Rod, Component pouch, and my twisted mind.

It's hard to describe exactly what happened next, but my halfling took the Immovable Rod found a way to hang it mid-air above him, he took some oil from the Component pouch rubbed it all over his head and neck, tied one end of the rope to the collar, and one to the rod.

I think you can guess what happened next.

After we all shook our heads and laughed about the situation.Just imagining, while a fight is happening 15 feet away, a small halfling trying to hang himself.

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The DM was graceful enough to roll d100 and told us that 75 and above is what I need (and he freaking rolled 74!).

So, he failed and started to choke.

Luckily the enemy's orders were to take us alive.

That was quite a session, I could have handled it better but honestly, I don't think I regret something.

Fun session :P.

Edit: Thanks for all the comments, great to see other points of view, A few things to note:

1.He did it to help his friends, he had no wildshape left and needed spells to help(ironically mostly for healing others).

2.He did try to remove the collar with knives or other tools, but without success, just wanted to keep the story short.

  1. The size of the collar changed with the druid shape.

  2. Yes, he is not the sharpest halfling, but god damn he got passion and he is a persistent little rascal!

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