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>Be me, forever dm of my friend group.

>Be not me, my friends/players which are in this case: a tabaxi barbarian, a tabaxi bard, and a half-elf cleric. All level six.

>Session zero: ask the group if they're ok with doing a campaign of my homebrew setting revolving around exploring a never before seen continent. They say it sounds like fun.

>First session they meet up with a dwarf sea merchant who wants to hire them as guards when voyaging to this newly discovered continent that little is known about.

>They all say sure thing.

>I'm a little confused at this point.

>I ask them OOC if they want to ask why the dwarf was doing this, what he knows about the continent, what was in it for them, how it had recently been discovered, or if they have any questions at all.

>They say nah.


>Dwarf then tells them they depart the next day and they head straight to bed.

>Next day they get up before the sun rises to get to the ship and one character's passive perception beats the stealth roll of someone hiding nearby.

>I tell her she sees someone duck behind a large crate near the ship they're heading to.

>She says ok and just keeps walking.

>They talk to dwarf again on the ship and the same player notices the same person aim a crossbow at the dwarf.

>I ask what she wants to do.

>She says, "Like what?"

>I say like maybe push him out of the way or notify him that someone is trying to shoot him.

>"Oh yeah I do that."


>Fast forward a session.

>They make a stop in a neighboring kingdom before voyaging to new continent.

>Dwarf asks them to find out any info about the continent people might have, especially pertaining to where the native people might be living.

Read:  Is it too far to make their players sacrifice one of their party for a cinematic moment for end of campaign/chapter?

>They find out that people from the new continent sent an envoy to this kingdom a couple months ago and that's how people found out about them.

>Everyone that personally met the envoy have been jailed or mysteriously disappeared other than the noble in charge of the region.

>Party breaks into noble's dungeon to meet with one of the people who was jailed.

>They do this by having the barbarian distract the guards outside by causing a brawl in the street and the trickery domain cleric and bard disguising themselves as guards to fool the ones inside.

>The prisoner tells them about a map the envoy gave the noble of the continent and where to find the people.

>Prisoner also tells them where in the castle it is in exchange for freeing her.

>They say cool and leave to report back to the dwarf.

>Dwarf asks them why they didn't try to steal the map since he specifically requested such info.

>They say, "Oh yeah that sounds like a good idea." And go back to steal it.


>Fast forward a session.

>They ship's crew catch sight of the new continent and the dwarf decides to give a speech about how rich they're gonna end up.

>Party is suspicious of something happening and instead of paying attention to the speech they do a perception check of the area around them.

>All low rolls except one who notices a ship on the horizon the size of a small dot.

>Crew hasn't noticed cause they're focused on speech.

>I ask the person who noticed what they want to do.

>He informs the party and keeps an eye on the dot.

>I ask if they tell the captain or crew.

>They say no.


>Ship gets closer and fires a cannon on its bow which misses their ship.

Read:  Too all DMs that are reading this, thank you for all the Advice. And will appreciate more advice for better DM-ing

>Crew gets to battle stations as the ship gets closer in order to board.

>Ship is full of orc pirates who throw grappling hooks and begin to climb them to come onto their ship.

>Note: When I made this encounter the hope was the party would either come up with a clever way to escape the ship, stop the pirates from boarding, or escape with their lives. Not just brute force their way through.

>As the orcs are climbing over the barbarian gets the idea of cutting the ropes they're using to climb over.

>Inside I'm happy they're thinking of a solution to the problem other than just fighting.

>I ask if the other players help.

>They say nah.

>I ask what they do instead.

>They say they just get ready to fight.


>Fight begins and after a couple turns it's not going their way as slowly more and more orcs board.

>It looks like they're gonna fight to the bitter end so I have the dwarf yell abandon ship and run to a rowboat to escape.

>Party decides to leave with him.

>As they're rowing to shore they pass infront of the bow of the pirate ship.

>I say one of the orcs points at them and yells something to his comrades.

>Orcs slowly start to angle the cannon on the bow down in order to shoot the passing rowboat.

>I ask them what they do.

>One says, "Well that it isn't it? We can't really do anything."

>Second party member agrees, "Yeah I guess we just die."

>In my head I'm thinking of all the spells the bard and cleric could do to just distract the orcs and put their aim off.

>The barbarian could throw one of her spears at one of the orcs to prevent them from having it ready by the time they pass through.

Read:  That time we had to give our Kineticist a shotgun lobotomy.

>I'm sitting there in complete shock for five seconds before I say, "You could just, you know, jump out of the boat they're aiming at?"

>"Yeah I guess we do that."


>The shockwave from the cannonball hitting the water knocked them out and they ended up washing ashore.

So far my players are really enjoying the campaign but I just wish they would think creatively once in a while and not just do what I put infront of them. Is there anyway I could encourage them to think less one dimensionally?

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