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My family is running the same campaign… as a trilogy.

Content of the article: "My family is running the same campaign… as a trilogy."

So the same group of six people gets together every weekend for DnD. We are running three separate campaigns, and each week we rotate. I DM one week, my dad the next, and my younger brother the next.

My dad is the one who started our DnD group. And after about six months of playing his campaign, my brother decided to start a campaign of his own. Of course, we were down to roll new characters and start fresh. His campaign takes place 100 years in the future, and for fun, he started including some of our characters from Dad's campaign as NPCs or little cameos. It brought me great joy to see Cogsy, my goblin artificer, as a 100 year old teenager who made himself an immortality pacemaker.

So when I started DMing my own, I decided to sprinkle in NPCs from both campaigns. My campaign takes place ten years before my dad's, so Cogsy is a little infant being cared for by his adoptive parents and brother, the main shopkeeper in Dad's campaign. My friend's character in my brother's campaign made a pact with one of the gods in my pantheon and is just now suffering the repercussions. My dad has started introducing my characters into his storyline.

So we got together tonight, the three of us, without the rest of the party. And we started to talk about the overarching story. Why are our characters in all three of these seemingly detached stories? Because all of us are really bad at keeping our own secrets, but really good at keeping others', we started to talk about endgames to each other, knowing it wouldn't affect our gameplay in any particular campaign. Turns out, our meta-stories work so well together it's INSANE.

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After a bit of patchworking, the stories are starting to bounce off of each other. My campaign, which centers on a god betraying the rest of her pantheon, ends with her being defeated (hopefully, omg) by the party and banished to the pits of the underworld. My dad's campaign centers on a "queen of the underworld's" rise to power after being trapped in the darkness ten years later. See where we are? And my brother's campaign, 100 years down the line, focuses on a continent that has finally reached peace from a long-raging war, but is now on the verge of being destroyed by some overzealous god-like people who have made deals with an evil deity.

We didn't even realize until we sat down and started talking about the meta side of things just how well our minds had synced. We are all so excited to continue each other's campaigns, all-knowing but little-spoken in terms of what is yet to come. For all we know, the random clergyman you come across could be your BBEG next week.

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