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My first dm experiance with friends

Content of the article: "My first dm experiance with friends"

It all begun with 2gms wanting a break from Warhammer fantasy ed2 I was curious about dming dnd for quite a while So i did improvised dnd campaing…

Started as team was hired as guard for merchant bout. All seemed nice and smooth good rp on the table inside the ship then they wanted to explore the cargo. So they met a vampire lord held in silver Cage WHO was using magic to disguise himself as a rabid gnome-like animal (0 knowledge about dnd lore i though o that's nice we'll go with this {they hate gnomes as a race}) they throw some stuff at him and leave. In mean time dragonborn paladin coocks a meal well he critical failed the check with 1 do he coughts info soup spilling some od his poison in. Tells team about it they ignore it everyone rolls 1 at const save and in process takes 2d4 poison DMG. But its was a critical fail after all so here comes diarrhea. Bard wanted to go and take his need on the decks railing and insisted that he could made IT before everyone else he Rolls 1 on athletics so he slips on stairs and takes 1d4 bludgening DMG with takes him to 1hp then druids makes goodberries and force him to eat 5. Found some good berries side effects table on google do he rolls for side effects and… Well he turnhimself into the fish, then become 2x his size, then again 2x his size, and then he got another diarrhea… Team quickly throw him into water on a rope do they could take him out when he turns tiefling again.then i think about adding some shark to bully him underwater i roll 20 do he meet a gold fish that offers 1 wish he persuades her with 20 for another wish. He wishes a flute of diarrhea… And some mask for underwater breathing to not making IT too easy fishes creates items at 3 feet from him and i order him to roll acrobatics to catch them rolls 12 on flute and 1 on mask do flute slipps from his fin and he rolls 20 for catching the flute… Team pulls him out and the tries the flute on everyone on ship everybody fails the cons save… I allow them to rest after this shitshow to be astonished by what next day will bring… Pirate attack everything is good till bards turn he rolls 1 on flut so i order disadvantage on save for team and Cree crew gets fd and team too Capitan menages to roll 3×20 for ramming the pirates ship Pirates menages to roll 4×1 do they destroy their canons teams board the ship, bard again rolls 1 on shitty flute again disadvantage entire crew rolls 1 on save i dunno the ods of this So entire crew gets bloody diarrhea shING their insides out rolling saved for them every turn for DMG 1d4 and somefing how captain rolls 1 on every roll…
( Me to myself they will heal him after the fight….) After the fight they paladin druid bard insist on doing medicine checks on the dying crew (they save 1 deckhand who next day dies couse he ATE the poison stew pally made yesterday) captain and the crew dies agonizing death of dehydration on their own sht couse druid Rolls 1 on every od them… Bard yet again rolls 1 on flute i sat f u and he swallows IT ( im like hope this sht fest end now) barb rolls 1 on trying to get the flute from bards throat then Rolls 20 two times abd pulls IT out. So they claim ship for theirs laughing for 4 hours from pop and how hilarious was the session On the next day they say oh you know this was do immature. next time try doing something serious. Im here like then why the fk you didnt break the f*ING flute on his skull?!? Oh you know it was fun thats why….

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