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My first ever game almost ends in disaster about 2 hours in.

Content of the article: "My first ever game almost ends in disaster about 2 hours in."

Bit of backstory. Skip if you want. Not entirely necessary to know.

So I’ve been wanting to play D&D ever since I met my girlfriend. She’s very into dungeons and dragons and plays with her friends. I’ve wanted to join her but the problem is we have conflicting schedules. Next best solution, find my own group. Fast forward about a year and a half I find out my buddies from my old job have a D&D group and they want me to join. Jackpot. So I hang out with them for a couple games to see how their group runs things. I’m still super excited. While I’m with them I roll up my first character. A warforged artificer who wants to be a dwarf.

The actual story.

Our hero’s in this story consist of me the warforged artificer (WA), a human paladin (HP), a teifling rogue (TR), a gnome wizard (GW), yuan-Ti pure blood Druid (YD), and a elf ranger (ER). The leader of a local town hires my party and I to track down the thing that has been killing guards and mercenaries. We of course accept and make our way to the mountains where they say people have been disappearing. Eventually we stumble upon a cave leading underground. The DM explains that there is a gradual decline leading into the cave. Before any of us can even think the TR starts sliding down the decline. The HP follows suit by riding on his shield with the GW on his shoulders. As they enter the cave they quickly find themselves flying through the air after all failing their athletic checks to stop at the edge of a massive cliff. Ohh by the way have I mentioned were all level 1? Yeeeeaaahhhh they fell, hard. They are so lucky the DM is nice. They should be been dead but instead they were only unconscious and rolling death saves. Hearing our companion’s cries of surprise followed by the sound of their bodies hitting the bottom the rest of us run in. We see the cliff and our dumb party members and begin running along a small path leading down to the cave floor. ER fails his athletics check to stay on the path and ends up falling down as well. Thank god our Druid had good berry. Though when we got down there my warforged was less then gentle as he mashed the GW’s teeth together to eat the berry. Thankfully no one actually died. Though the GW failed 2 out of 3 saves as we ran.

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TLDR: Half my party thought it would be a good idea to slip and slide into a unknown cave. They were wrong

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