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My first experience with DMing

>Be me, slightly experienced player who's playing in an ongoing campaign, as well as a short campaign with my classmates (Most of whom have never played before)
>Our DM (who we all know irl) has a terrible sleep schedule, and can't make it to some sessions.
>The others are itching to play, so I offer to the DM to do a "oneshot" if she can't make it. She allows it.
>First time I did this, which was before our actual campaign's Session 0, I just taught these people how to play through a PvP dream combat. Not much story or roleplaying, just to teach them mechanics.
>About 2 weeks after our Session 0/Session 1, DM can't make it again. Two out of three players have never better to do, and beg me to run a story oneshot for them.
>I think to myself "Screw it." And I agree.
>Cue to the two of them spending the next two hours trying to escape an infinite tavern loop through murderhoboing, while I bullshit up a riddle INVOLVING murderhoboing to satisfy them.
>In case anyone was wondering, the whole scenario was the only exit of the tavern led to the same tavern, and the tavern patrons all had tattoos on their hands, starting with the number five.
>The solution was to kill one extra person (so 6 first) and enter the loop door, leading to the tattoo shifting to four.
>Once they got to 0, I explained to them (After several perception checks) that the tattoo looked like an eye instead. Ya'll know where I'm going with this…
>For the "last person" they needed to kill, I threw a (heavily) nerfed beholder at em (Note that these two are lvl 1s) to give them a chance to have a fun fight.
>These two destroyed the beholder and escaped the tavern loop. Maybe should've gave it more than 40 hp…
>Overall, I thought my "random bullshit" oneshot was garbage, but both players said they had a lot of fun, and thanked me.
>I now understand the joys of DMing.

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