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My first game – wow

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Hey guys

I finally (after farrrr to many years of wanting to) got to play a game of D&D last night, and I am still riding a proper high (why the hell would someone do drugs when they can play D&D?!). Why did no one tell me this sooner. So I just wanted to share my first time experience with you all as I'm still giddy.

We've started the campaign with 2 groups of 3 people on separate sessions, with neither group knowing what the other has done, and within my group there is myself, running a half elf conquest paladin, a swashbuckling warlock/rogue who is also a half elf and a halfling ranger. (the halfling is another newbie as well).

We all enter the city at the same time, the warlock goes off to the market to buy furs, the halfling goes to the pub after getting smacked by the guards for getting in the way of the paladin… he also tries to land a kick to the paladins ankle after being hit, but rolled a fumble and ended up on the floor instead… the paladin went straight to the local temple to report to his orders abbot, who appeared to be an extremely gluttonous man – not quite the appearance of a man of a God of war (what's that you say!? A potential story line?). After reporting to the abbot, and being issued with orders to protect the east gate tomorrow from bandits entering the city during the sabot, my character also went to the pub, and arrives (surprisingly) at the same time as the other half elf (we all managed to pick the same pub out of 3… we thought best to not cause too many issues for the DM this soon in).

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The landlord insisted in serving the paladin an ungodly amount of food, as no member of the order of the flaming blade is allowed to go hungry in this city, and always eats for free… this again caused conflict with the halfling who was rather unflattering about the greedy elf, who unfortunately overheard his statement, and went into a rage, demanding that the food stop, and be shared with the patrons. At this point the other half elf shared the table with the paladin, and the halfling starts to play dead mans poker with a dragonborn and a dwarf. After some initial luck the halfling started to lose more and more money, the halfling proved to get himself in trouble, with the dragonborn pulling a knife, and his elven colleagues at the back of the bar also arming themselves. My halfelf and the warlock get involved demanding that this madness stop, but one of the elves throws a dagger, at which point i (some how) manage to disembowel the knife thrower, who happened to be stood behind my table, dragonborn flips the table in an attempt to get to the halfling, who jumps under the table, and stabs the dragonborn in the ankle… the innocent dwarf ends up with a table ontop of him. The warlock casts (what is apparently a go to?) eldritch blast, catching the other elf, who had started to run towards me. In the next turn the elf who got clocked managed to fumble his attack (there were a lot of 1s and 20s in this… thanks roll20), so missed me, and tripped past me… i proceeded to then open his spine up, and this elf also fell down dead.

In the mean time the halfling again stabbed the dragonborn in the other ankle, and he proceeded to fall down ontop of the dwarf who is wailing in shock and horror.

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So within 12-18 seconds(?) there's two dead elves, and a rather ankle-less dragonborn who is rolling around on the floor. At this point the halfling the warlock both ask what they should do next, but I ask the DM if I can go cut the dragonborns throat. His response in whisper was "you're a paladin!?" … to which i responded with the oath of conquest write up…. after which the dragonborn was no more, and the other two were left extremely shocked. And then we all broke into laughter for about 5 minutes.

After this the warlock and I became companions, agreeing to work together to guard the gate… and we agree to let the halfling tag along as we do need a scout. We collect the 3 gold purses from the dead, and the halfling clears the table of the money from the last round of poker… we tell the halfling he doesn't get any money as we got into the fight due to him, and he's made some money anyway. The warlock gives one purse to the bar tender as an apology for the, well all the bodies, gives one to me, and keeps one himself… i didn't find out till later that he rolled a check and found out one bag was a lot heavier than the others. My friend took great joy in telling me how much money he made from an enemy I killed. After this we retire for the night and agree to meet in the morning to guard the gate.

Aka we had to have a bit of a break as my face was hurting from laughing so much. I can officially say I have the D&D bug now. The DM book arrived today and I'm really thinking of ordering a couple of other books on amazon (though it is probably a better idea to ask the wife for these for christmas!). I've actually even enjoyed writing this up, and have gone a bit too over the top, thinking about doing a youtube or pod cast… a bit too extreme for someone who had never played the game 24 hours ago.

We've got another session tomorrow and I'm honestly counting the minutes.

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