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My group needs to have a group talk.

This is an in person group. We are nearly 10 sessions in. And there is a chemistry issue in and out of character with this group and it starts with two of the 5 players.

Session 0 I talked about how this will be a campaign focused on fun, immersive storytelling and role playing. Everyone is on the same page.

Three of the players do voices, love roleplay and immersion. I myself as the DM love and do this as well. I encourage every player to do so.

Now that we are 9 full sessions in. Myself and as well as a few other players have noticed 2 of players don’t really roleplay much if at all. And kind of halt any chemistry the group has.

Player A: She is a sweet person and super nice. She is new to DND. (Which I love) She almost never roleplays. But when she does, she’s amazing. She plays a cleric and she’s slowly but Surely getting the grasp of spells and her class features. The only issues I see is she doesn’t roleplay or chime in when the group is having in character conversation. And in combat some of her turns she elects to do nothing and as the healer of the group this irks some of the players. I’ve even had NPCs directly ask her character questions to get her involved. She literally says no sometimes or just shys away. She has said to me herself that she loves immersion and roleplay as well. Yet she says away from it.

(It’s weird because she’s in another group I DM with. She plays a fighter. A tough woman character and she is the loudest at the table. A hell of a roleplayer when she actually roleplays. I’ve shot her some texts giving her positive feed back letting her know she’s a hell of a roleplayer).

Player B: He is not a roleplayer at all. He is all about combat, game talk, rules and mechanics. Barley chimes in at all during group roleplay moments. And sometimes literally drags another player character away from their roleplay moments.(I usually make them do a grapple check). This player also is overbearing for the new player (the cleric) at the table by telling her how to play her character, pointing on her sheet, just being pretty annoying. Especially when the cleric player is clearly learning and improving as a player each session.

(I’ve talked to him about this and he’s gotten better by taking a back seat in this regard)

However when roleplay and story moments happen, when I present a scene or situation, Player A and player B literally say they go and sit in a corner. And people watch. Or just leave and go to their tavern rooms. While the other 3 players interact with the world and NPCs and roleplay. This has irked the other players breaking immersion for them.

Player A seems shy. Player B just wants to wait for combat. (There has usually been combat every session. And I make combat have meaning connected to the story).

Also one of the Roleplaying players is kind of a shepherd. He has done a good job of trying to nudge the group together and encourage them to join in on the conversations or moments. He gets them involved by asking questions and what not. Still not much of a reaction from them though…

This isn’t that bad of an issue but the other 3 players have come to me saying hey we gotta do something. They are kinda killing the vibe. They don’t even seem invested in the story. Sometimes I ask myself why are you even at the table?

So I’m thinking as the DM we need to have a pow wow. An encouraging one. I don’t want division. Because I’ve talked to each other these players individually and tried giving them a boost to go roleplay and interact with the group more. But that hasn’t happened.

Any advice on how I should lead this group talk? “What do you like most about dnd? What improvements do you want to see in this campaign?” Idk.

Or should I wait? is there a way I can try to get the group in game into situations where they have to work together and roleplay and interact? Just present group scenarios that have to involve all of them?

Any advice will help and if you have any questions let me know! Thanks!


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