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My New Character, The Naked Monk

Content of the article: "My New Character, The Naked Monk"

We had to build new 14th level characters for yet another short adventure as part of a playtest, so I've been having some fun with character creation. As we're playing over discord I wrote up my character concept to email it out to the group.

The DM politely suggested I change some names for reasons that will become apparent. TBH they'd kinda been placeholders anyway.

High atop a mountain, seemingly built into the cliffs of the G’argh’argh Inclination, sits a monastery wherein a most curious order of monks has formed. Seeking enlightenment through absolute mastery of the self, The Order of Braided Worlds is built on the belief that existence is the intertwinement of three discrete but equally important realities that will never interact but always overlap.

Don’t worry, it gets better I promise

There is the World of Air, where words exist, the World of Stone, where matter exists, and the World of Silence, where all thoughts exist but will never encounter one another. Through this metaphysical arrangement, they had reasoned that a true master of their own existence must be able to act as best suits each world. As a result, the Order’s disciples, known as Nancyreaganists, have become remarkably adept at saying one thing while thinking another- while neither thought nor word need have any relation to the physical world.

The child once known as Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a precocious pupil of the Nancyreaganists- too full of energy to recognize the World of Silence, he acted selfishly in the World of Air, seeking only to enjoy the World of Stone. To make matters worse, his natural talents and affection for the World of Stone kept him satisfied and thus beyond the reach of reason or discipline. His progress in martial arts was incredible, and he constantly exploited his training in the World of Air to justify his unruliness. The final straw came when men from the local village started complaining, sons and daughters with down-turned occasionally faces in tow.

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Little more than a novitiate, but full of the optimism of talented youth, this young man went out to inflict himself on the world. Through years as an adventurer his exploits, along with his unusual blend of eloquence, cockiness and brutishness earned him popular fame (not to mention his tendency to NEVER start fighting until he had achieved the total freedom of movement Nancyreaganists advocated). He ended up touring with one of the most successful adventuring bands of the day under a pseudonym. He was a sensation.

But over time, the delights of the World of Stone lost their allure. He had lived large and done things most would only dream of, but there was something missing. Maybe the World of Air and the World of Silence weren’t just servants of Stone like he had always assumed. For some time he withdrew from the world to find his path.

After almost 20 years of adventuring, this prodigal son returned to the Order of Braided Worlds and begged to resume his training. But he could not. He had abandoned The Way of Nancy, and that path was now lost to him.

He knew it was his mistake, and there was nothing he could do about it. But he could help others avoid his mistakes. He devoted himself to using his talents to help people, hoping to improve the thoughts, words and deeds of those around him. His talents and notoriety brought him to the Order of the Palatine Eye, where he has since humbly tried to live three better lives.

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None could not deny all three worlds may benefit from his talents. Soft-spoken but silver tongued, strong-willed but slow to anger, and physically gifted beyond what most may dream possible, he now sees the only name anyone has known him by in decades as a constant but important reminder of his past hubris and how far he is from living The Braided Life. Yet while he may have donned a thin robe and now fights in a loin cloth, The Naked Monk occasionally still feels the cool breeze of his past life wafting through his nethers.

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