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My original DM character I made over 10 years ago has now had his soul placed in a war forged and has lived 2000 years to meet a brand new party.

Zink Strongjaw, the legendary leader of the strongjaw mafia renowned for his god level intellect and wisdom disappeared from the face of the earth 2000 years ago after a cataclysm that left a world mostly compromised of 3 massive continents and a few small islands in shambles and broken apart. There is not much text regarding the events that caused the cataclysm, but the name strongjaw is always associated with it.

It turns out that Zink Strongjaw, who, toward the end of his life, routinely ran errands and did favors for beings of of godlike power, ended up sacrificing his life to save the world from lolth's evil plan to black out the sun for her followers who so diligently found safe passage for her into this plane of existence. This act convinced some of the old gods to take his soul and place it into an inactive war forged shortly after his death.

Zink spent the first hundred years finding a good place to build his new eternity home. He then spent his time sending letters to old elven contacts asking that they keep the secret of his survival and asking that they set up a list of people that can inherit the right to be his contacts in case of some risk to the world. He kept small traces of his influence active among the world's leaders and elites. Offering advice on issues they thought no one could possibly know of. But his actions have kept the world mostly peaceful protected and prosperous. Then, 500 years ago with his contact methods secured, and the world having over 1500 years of peace he decided to meditate and try his best to become one with the forces of knowledge of the different planes of existence.

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He awoke yesterday with visions of a war between the celestial and infernal planes taking place in the valley right in front of his house. Then he gazed upon the capitol city of the new country Valscana that had only just been a small settlement when he began his meditation. But he awoke to a disturbing sight. Two armies facing eachother down, with two champions starting to battle. One, a seemingly superbly powerful caster of some sort casting meteor swarm on someone who looks like a one handed human the size of a goliath using a desert aura and preparing to try to repel the meteors single handedly (no pun intended).

He, then, noticed the presence of 6 recruits who were calmly watching the battle unfold. No surprise or fear in there eyes. Just excitement. That's them, the ones the gods wanted him to awake in time to see. They are the key to preventing this second cataclysm. At least he hopes…

This was an intro to my campaign that has secret lore my players don't know about, and I am testing to see if they peruse the new section like I had asked.

If you are one of my players, great job!! Let me know how many years of peace zink witnessed in our first session, and you'll get a special additional starting item!!

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TL;DR My old god tier DM character from my first DM campaign has made a canonical return in my world as a soul placed in a war forged. Shit's gonna get crazy in our first post covid and post vaccine in-person game!


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