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My party wants to do something new and I think I need help.

Content of the article: "My party wants to do something new and I think I need help."

I've been playing with my party for a little over a year at this point and we've had some ups and we've had some downs and I'm a very open DM.

Typically if my players ask if they could do something and it sounds somewhat reasonable I typically try and find a way to incorporate that into the game. now that's not to say that I'm a pushover and I'll allow anything and everything, but there's not much that I've said no to.

I don't have any complaints in this department there have been things that I've had to take back after attempting them for a short time but for the most part it's only added layers to the game that I personally haven't thought of and my players think it's cool.

The item or request that my party is now asking sounds like a bit of a slippery slope and I have thought it out quite a bit and I think I have a good system but I'm not entirely sure if it's going to get out of hand.

My party wants to target specific body parts when making attacks.

Beforehand I have always Said that you must first describe where you're going to hit the monster or NPC and then you roll your dice and if you get a critical hit you can choose to inflict damage to a specific body part. My party recently fought at the holder and ended up taking out the main eye and another random eye, this helped change the tide of battle and they won the fight because of it.

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Since this battle they've requested that they be able to target specific body parts almost all the time. I'm okay with that because an experienced fighter would be able to target body parts I just didn't have a very conclusive way of how to complete the action without gimping all of my bad guys and giving the players a huge boost to damage output or The ability to notch the fight into more of a lopsided encounter.

The following is the birth of an idea between me and another player on how exactly to target specific body parts.

The first thing you do is explain which body part you're going to hit. Different body parts will have different boosts to AC. For example if you go for their leg they get a plus two to their AC while for the rest of the round you get a minus two to AC for opening yourself up to hit the specific body part.

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Legs is a plus two / hands is a plus three / arms as a plus two/ head is a +4 / eyes are a +5.

The real catch is that I said you must do at least 75% of your full damage in order to cause any sort of reaction by hitting the specific body part.

For example if you're aiming at an enemy's legs and you succeed on their +2 AC to hit and you succeed on hitting them with at least 75% or more of your damage their movement speed is cut in half for the rest of that round (Or maybe the next two rounds I haven't decided completely on that. )

My question for you beautiful people is does this make sense? How would you go about doing this?

My party knows that if they are able to target specific body parts so will the monsters and NPCs.

Let me know if you've got any adjustments to this type of thing or if you've already found something on the interweb that better explains this or already has a rule set for it.

I appreciate y'all.

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