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My party wants to tame an owlbear

Content of the article: "My party wants to tame an owlbear"

Ok – so they haven't actually said this to me, but I know they would love it. They are always trying to talk to the wild animals, to feed them, to avoid combat…. I'm a fairly new DM, so would love to run some ideas by you and get some feedback.

We are playing LMoP and they just freed the Owlbear from Cragmaw Castle. The goblins had it locked up and starving. They brought it fresh meat, and released it from it's captivity. They have speak to animals and relatively high animal handling in their party. I was thinking of having them run into the Owlbear again as they are traveling back to Phandelver. Maybe it's caught in a bear trap or something, and they need to free it. Maybe another party of goblins/hobgoblins has recaptured it and is taunting, teasing, and abusing it. And they have to kill them first, and then free the Owlbear from the trap.

At that point they've had two very positive encounters with it, and I'm thinking maybe it follows behind them, and then maybe I throw in another random encounter that is over their heads, and the owlbear comes out of nowhere to save the day. Does that all sound good so far? What next? Should I have the owlbear tag along to just hang with them? It kind of sucks for the paladin to have to cast "speak with animals" all the time. Maybe they can find a harness of telepathy or something that allows them to understand each other's thoughts? Anyone familiar with LMoP, where would be a good place to make that available? Maybe Daran Edermath had an old saddle of telepathy from his adventuring days that he used with his favorite horse, and now that he has done adventuring and his horse is long gone, he wants his saddle to be put to good use. At the stables in town someone can adjust the saddle to fit an owlbear. Maybe the owlbear accepts the saddle so he can speak with them, but wont (yet) allow anyone to ride him (until some later epic moment when it becomes really important!)

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What's the Owlbear's backstory? Maybe it was captured as a cub by a goblin circus so it hates goblins, but also has a bit of experience being taught/controlled by humanoids.

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