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My Player Always Has An Excuse To Not Share Dice Rolls

Content of the article: "My Player Always Has An Excuse To Not Share Dice Rolls"

Hi everyone, just some background info, I'm running an online campaign using Discord for voice chat, DnD Beyond for character sheets and dice rolls, and I livestream a video of my battlemap/miniatures to use.

About two months ago I had a new player join us who is a close friend of my girlfriend who is also a player in the campaign. Now if you have ever run an online campaign they can slow down a lot compared to IRL ones just getting bogged down with things like rolls. For this reason I don't use discord bots for rolling dice and lately have preferred the DnD Beyond dice rolling with how much faster and more intuitive it is.

Things started out fine and I didn't notice anything particularly out of place with this new player until there were two sessions where they made some bad decisions/had bad rolls that caused their ideas at the time to fail. Since that point in time there have been very few rolls they have failed and I started keeping track of their nat 20s in combat and they have twice the rate of nat 20s of any of my other players.

I started asking my players to type out important rolls in discord, this player kept insisting that since they were playing from their phone that they didn't want to cause it would take too long. I asked them to screen share their dice rolls a few times from DnD Beyond to confirm rolls and they just said they cleared the log on accident or that they had rolled that dice at their desk and then put the dice away (which I also trust my players to do and report back accurately). I brought this up to them and they insisted they were being truthful, my girlfriend thinks they are too, but this has now been probably 5-6 sessions of not even being able to see a single roll that I've asked to see from this person to confirm either way. For an example our last session was a 3 hour session with some combat but mostly a lot of non rolling dialogue, this person had 8 natural 20s in a total of 10 rounds of combat (2 attacks per turn) compared to a single one from my other 4 players, I asked to see the rolls of a couple of the nat 20s and was rebuffed each time with an excuse.

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I don't want to punish other players/slow the game down by forcing discord dice rolls for everything and I know my other players would complain about that too. I really don't know what my other option is though. I'm used to DMing in person where its easy enough to just see dice rolls so I'm slightly at a loss on how to maintain game pace while checking player trustworthiness. I've tried confronting the person and my girlfriend about it and both insisted nothing was happening. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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