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My player does not want any harm or stakes to his family, and I need advice

Content of the article: "My player does not want any harm or stakes to his family, and I need advice"

– I am a new DM and I just did session 0

– I asked one of my players what to do or not to do with his character

– He said that he doesn't want any harms or dilemma around his family

– I just said ok, but I honestly felt weird about the idea of that

Context around the player's backstory: The character comes from a poor but somewhat happy family. His family started to take a turn when his mother went ill, and his father got weaker from his blacksmithing job. So the character took it upon himself to be the breadwinner of the family. Despite his hard work, he is not earning much that could safely cure his mother. So at one point, he decided to become an adventurer to have a better shot of earning money.

Context about the player: This sort of happened before when I did a short 2 session one-shot before. His character was a father to a daughter that was kidnapped. So I tried giving him information about the whereabouts of his daughter and her potential freedom, in exchange for an artifact. My player did not like that, he didn't like how I was very controlling about his character like I was some sort of puppet master. I was so unsure of what to do with his character after that and I felt so scared to mess up his character and experience.

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My thoughts: I just felt weird that my player dislikes the potential risk and stakes towards his character, but that should be fine since that is his character. I am still unsure though, I have no idea on how to develop his character or add potential plot hooks if I can't add stakes to his story since those are the only characters in his story. It honestly makes me demoralized to do his story because I feel like anything I do to his story will make him unsatisfied.

I need help: I'm just asking for advice for other DM's in this scenario. Like is there something I should tell him, maybe you guys can give me a plot hook that will satisfy him, and etc. I'm really lost on what to do not gonna lie.

TLDR: Player doesn't like stakes and dilemma to his family, and I don't know how to make his story interesting. Soooo I kinda need advice on what to do. Maybe you guys can give me plot hooks or advice maybe

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