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My player don’t understand that actions have consequences and I’m not sure how to deal with the situation.

This isn't my main account as I want to try and avoid recognition in case one of my players checks this sub, regardless, to the topic in question.

I'm a DM for a group of friends who really enjoy D&D, although they don't play that often. About six month ago they asked me if I could DM for them a campaign (homebrew, long run). I honestly love DMing and it was a very nice chance for me so we started without a problem.

A few things to keep in mind, this group doesn't really think through a lot of their actions and most times resort to violence to solve things. So far they managed to go through things with this approach, however they did lose a lot of hooks / interactions / information because of this.

I tried often to put them in situations they actually need to articulate and not resort to violence to solve things as I want them to understand that there are a thousand other methods of going about it. However, we got to a situation last session that actually left a bad taste in my mouth.

Currently, a horrendous crime has been committed against the city they currently live in, and all proof the guard could find (The city guard aren't investigators. This is what I wanted to get across), point toward the cities arcanist, which is an ally of the group.

Through the background connections of one of the players they got an audience with the City Lord and appalled in their friend favor asking for permission to conduct a investigation for themselves. Through the use of the Bards persuasion the Lord was convinced and allowed them to investigate until the day of the trial (four days). However, they would be monitored by one of his trusted captains.

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The NPC in question was a homebrewed NPC the right arm of the Lord and she was a Lawful Good character (you'll see why this is important). They accepted and started their investigations.

This lead them to a courier company in which they needed to inquire one of the employees. It wasn't a problem at all and the company was quite helpful. Before the employee in question arrived to talk with them, they started to discuss what they would ask and how they would get this information.

They started to openly in-character say things like "Oh, there are ways to get them to talk. We can start breaking fingers or ripping toe-nails." another character said "Well, I'm a thief (rogue), so I know where to stab to get him to talk."

As you can imagine this horrified the NPC which wants to uphold the law. She wants to get to the bottom of the investigation, but not by bending the laws. She made it known that she was against it and a discussion ensured.

Some players started to say things like "We need to break the rules to find out information! It doesn't matter what we do since we're trying to save a innocent man."

Well, the Captain didn't think twice after this and said "Well, then you have no place making a investigation in this city carrying the banner of our Lord. If you wish to lower yourselves to the likes of common thugs and criminals, then you're not gonna be under our influence any longer." and started to head to the exit. This meant they would lose the favor of the Lord and his guard.

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Then it happened, the rogue player said "I'll shot her with my crossbow". I tried to make sure if that's what he wanted and while some players were against it and other supported his decision. Regardless, he rolled and hit. Not enough to deal a lot of damage, but enough to harm the captain.

Now, this person is a CAPTAIN of the guard. She's the right arm of the Lord of the city. She without hesitation screamed for her guards, and the patrols available rushed into the building. The party escaped through the windows but are now considered outlaws with a bounty in their head, Dead or Alive.

Well, this made the party extremely pissed. They started to complain that this shouldn't have happened. She should just have allowed them to do this, because they wanted the greater good. Well, it's been three days now and I'm still getting texts from them saying I was unfair.

Seriously, they tried to harm a person in a high position of power within a city, breaking their laws a long the way. They can't seriously expect not to have consequences. However, Now I'm on an impasse as they keep complaining and I have absolutely no idea how to deal with it.

Story wise, their ally will face trial and without proof of innocence will be put to death. They can break him out, but that's not gonna clean their name. To be honest, cleaning their name won't be easy at all. But that's not my point, what I don't know is how can I make sure their complaining stop, while not giving in at their demands of "Oh, you're being unfair. We are the good guys."

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No… they are not.


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