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My player drank a homebrew potion to transform into an Ironscale Hydra while under Madness and now has to fight his own party – Advice needed!

Last session, my players run into a troll who lives under a moss and mushroom-covered bridge. In front of the bridge, there is a sign that says 'DO NOT feed the troll.' Timothy the troll crawls out from his hidey-hole and greets them. He makes it very clear that he does not want them to move the sign, therefore their cart cannot cross and that he should not be fed. They go back and forth for a little while with this troll before they calm him down and ask him if he wants some tea.

He takes them down underneath the bridge and starts preparing some tea. The dwarf in the party tricks Timothy into eating part of a mushroom and he immediately passes out. Little did they know that without Timothy's guidance, they cannot cross the bridge safely. As they walk over, mushrooms along the moss and stone release spores, and they all make CON saves. Three of them fail and take a level of madness.

One of them gets 'extreme paranoia.' This player is an excellent RPer and goes full out. He gets out of the cart, accuses the other PCs of being in 'cahoots', and decides he no longer wants to go where they were headed.

After about an hour of this, they figure out that a Lesser Restoration spell can remove the madness. They easily do so on the first two PCs but the last PC, Mr. Firbolg Paranoia, is out of the cart and in the middle of the road. As they begin to approach him, he threatens them, making it very clear he doesn't want them to come any closer. He pulls out a potion given to him weeks ago by a powerful mage that is meant to turn him into a Hydra.

It's like the scene from the office with the finger-gun stand off for a little while as they try to talk him down and get closer to him so they can cast Lesser Restoration. He's holding the potion in the air and urging them to listen and not get any closer or else he's going to drink it.

One of the PCs suddenly grabs the healer and thundersteps to be right on top of him. Healer doesn't even have time to ready her action. I have the Firbolg and the Healer roll off for initiative and Firbolg wins. He drinks the potion and that's where we have to end the session.

My PCs are thinking they are just going to be able to Dispel Magic and be done with it… but… this potion is brewed by a powerful witch. It is entirely homebrew, but it operates like a true transformation. This potion isn't infused with a spell but simply a magical transformation that occurs after consumption.

Here is the wording on the potion that the Firbolg had way in advance:

Potion of Ironscales

-When you drink this potion, you transform into an ‘Ironscale Hydra’ for one hour. The target is the consumer of the potion. You gain all of the creature’s stats and you can only drop this transformation after the duration or if you hit 0 hit points. The entire potion must be drunk.

-This potion is infused with Oxotis Root*

-After consuming it, you have advantage on religion checks for the next 8 hours.

I'm thinking this will not be able to be dispelled considering that it does not have a caster holding concentration and its true transformation. Now that it's consumed, it has to be for the duration or until he hits 0hp?

*Oxotis Root is a homebrew 'life force' that essentially is what made the Gods the gods in this world… so I suppose there's also an option of making that the barrier between them and a quick dispel magic on this.

But is there any ruling that I may be missing on this? I don't want to cheese my players out of this if Dispel Magic would actually and without a doubt work in this scenario. Any advice or ideas are much appreciated!

To be clear, they seem all down to fight him if they need to, but just seem to feel inconvenienced by it. They are level 8 and can likely take down this hydra pretty easily, though they will be one man down. I just want to make this as fair as possible as I sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 🙂


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