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My Players Fell to an Obvious Trap and Got Pissed, My Fault!?

>Be me, dming my first group for 1 entire year

>Be not me, 4 veteran players playing as Ranger, Barbarian, Bard and Sorcerer

>2 years ago I was dming a long running campaign on roll20, it was supposed to be an epic campaing with a lot of focus on the main plot and on the combat encounters (they were really fun)

>There had already been many problems with a few of the players leaving, old players wanting to make new characters, some mistakes the players made (like splitting the party or trying to sleep right outside the prison they just escaped) and also some mistakes I made (like too much house ruling)

>So the last thing I prepared for the campaing before it abruptly ending was a trap laid by one of the villains

>It was a devil and it was his debut, although he was related to one of the pc's backstory and was also a part of the main enemy faction: the Devils

>The trap was simple, one of the old pcs, an Aasimar Cleric whose player was now playing as the Ranger, had been separated from the rest of the party and the players couldn't contact him with the spell Sending

>A few weaks later, the Aasimar Cleric (that was being controlled by the devil) used Sending to someone from the party asking them to come meet him at some specific location so that he could help the pcs to achieve some of their goals (the goals weren't crucial to the story to the point where they had to accept this invite no matter what)

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>The players instantly accepted and took basically no precautions after that

>Getting there they're met by a hidden delayed blast fireball and are later crushed by the the extremly high level devil (the players were level 12, the devil would have been a fair fight for maybe a level 17 party)

>Either way, they could have maybe escaped after the fight started although it'd have been very difficult, they could also have just not come here at all, or even coming with precautions (they knew not one, but two very high level wizards who could have killed the devil for instance)

>To be fair, I was expecting the players to fall into that trap, they've showed these signs of not paying much attention to details earlier on more than once (maybe they thought I was railroading them, but they never even tried to leave the road)

>After the players were defeated, I wanted to leave some kind of mark on them instead of just killing them as resurrecting was such an easy task on high levels and tpk was also out of question as the devil intended on them being kept alive so they could suffer more

>The devil was jealous of the bard so he stole his spiritual companion, he left the barbarian to die after breaking his magical sword, he broke the throat of the spellcaster and cut the arm off the ranger

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>After that he was boasting about his victory (explaining the plot and his reasons) to the fallen bard that was lying on the ground on the verge of passing out… but instead of listening to what the devil had to say, the player was trying to litteraly crawl his way out of the situation, even though he was right by the side of an enormously strong devil that was full life, looking at him and that could move more than 100 feet per round

>Either way, my players got really pissed and uninterested on the session after the combat began and they realized they were probably going to lose it. Two of them were already talking about making new characters and ditching the ones they were playing with, and this was happening in the middle of the session while I was trying to narrate the aftermatch

>It got me really unmotivated after being interrupted to hear that they basically hated what I put so much effort into and that they were essencially getting rid of all the investiments to that in the form of creating new characters. It would've been at least a little bit better if they told me that after the session ended (which wasn't going to take long, like half an hour, so I could at least conclude that arc that was happening

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>After all that I ended up creating a new campaing from the start with some of the same players that also didn't last long but for some different reasons (I got perma blocked by one of them after we had an arguement about some nerf he made to my character on the game he was dming T_T)

So… am I really blind, crazy or a terrible dm and it was my fault or were they just shitty players that gave no shits about the game and about the dm?

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