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My players have come across a moral dilemma and now the party is torn.

Content of the article: "My players have come across a moral dilemma and now the party is torn."

Little background. My players have been fighting through a yuan ti temple for two sessions now. The yuan ti are definitely an exciting enemy and have been fun to read about and use. Now the reason they're here is they need an artifact the yuan ti are in the possession of for a wizard. The yuan ti being yuan ti aren't going to give away a relic of theirs. They actually offered to allow the players to borrow it in return from bringing them humans from a nearby settlement. Naturally the players declined. They did try to trade but decided force would be the only way. Which brings us to breaking into the temple. The fact that yuan ti use slaves is pretty much all the party needed to go "yeah fuck these guys".

We ended tonight's session at the end of level 2 of the temple and the last thing they came across was the egg chamber. The party was pretty worn out at this point. I had the egg clutch being guarded by 1 yuan ti abominations and 2 malisons(the type with the snake lower half). After an eventful fight the last malison surrendered and tried clutching the eggs. The ranger killed her and then the party was before a bunch of yuan ti eggs. One of the players was upset about killing the snake that surrendered but the real problem began when the sorcerer was checking the eggs and broke one revealing the yuan ti developed embryo. Half the party is very against killing the eggs and the other half are saying we gotta keep going and they'll become evil anyway. They then ended up coming up with a couple ideas. 1. Take the eggs and raise them in the town they came from, but the problem is they've recently rode far south and are originally from an icy environment. They are sure the snakes would die in the cold. 2. Use the eggs as ransom to raid the vault and leave without killing everyone else or the eggs.

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Not even sure if I'm looking for advice, just kinda wanted to share this interesting moral quandary my party has found themselves in. The party had an awesome at length in character talk about why or why not to commit yuan ti baby murder or kidnapping.

Anyone else's party ever come across a similar dilemma?

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