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My players have hacked a really dangerous situation with a food spell and it feels incredible

Content of the article: "My players have hacked a really dangerous situation with a food spell and it feels incredible"

TL;DR at the bottom.

First, I'm on mobile and English it's not my main language so excuse the errors please.

If you are a party of 3 (bard, paladin , sorcerer), and you have an autonomous dwarf skeleton hand as a pet, stop reading here.

So a little bit of context. My players went to defend a cleric that's trying to offer salvation to some low level devils ( they are neutral in my world, so some are really evil and some are not). She, the cleric, was previously defended in court by the players and they have a really friendly relationship.

A really strong demons that had ties with the party, got a contract to kill that cleric, and the players were asked to protect her until the contract expires.

They had to find a traitor, collaborate with a bunch of demons that were protecting that cleric and they were looking for a way to defend against that demon.

In ruins there were a portal that could only be activated answering three questions. They managed to find the answer, in a way that the bad demon won't be able to get the answer too, and find out that it leads to an near empty plane were time pass twice as slow.

So they decide that they are going to wait there( near twelve days), with all the guys they need to defend, but they realise that they can't just count the seconds and get an accurate date of release.

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Then the bard says, good thing that Lyon ( the paladin) can create food for the day and then long rest.

And now the bomb falls. The paladin says: " since the food expires in 24hours I can just let the food that we don't need to go and and then we know when a day has passed".

I stop what I was saying, open my player's guide and read aloud the spell. Then I look at him with a smile and just nod to him.

I never really imagined that this could be used that way and I'm really happy that they found out a loop hole in my setting, since I expected that they should wait until the attack to go hide there.

They have been happier that I have seen then in a while and immediately started looking at possibles bad outcomes if they just hide.

We have been playing for a year but they have grown a lot as adventures and I could no be more satisfied to drop the fight I was preparing against that powerful demon.

So just be fair and accept this kind of "defeats" of your master evil plan, since the players are just showing the exact way of thinking an adventurer should have: think smarter, not harder.

TL;DR: my players needed a way to count twelve days in a safe plane without sun or any other references. The paladin realised that the create food and water spell have an internal clock of 24h where the food just go bad, so they don't need anything else and can just hide in the safe place with plenty food and water to just wait until the demon runs out of time in this plane.

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