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My players have ten days to try and revive a party member. How do I handle this?

I am in the following situation right now: My party took a giant loan from a criminal organization (1050 gp) in order to have enough money to open a tavern. Ever since then, they've been taking adventure commissions and quests in order to earn some money. During one of these they found an archdruid who they befriended quickly. Next, one of the two rogues in my party decided that they needed a job that paid a little bit better, one that is harder than the previous ones. Sometimes it seems like this player thinks he's invincible or something so I decided to teach him a lesson. Of course I tried to play it fair, so I tried dropping multiple hints that they may be biting off a bit more than they could chew. I even had some NPCs directly tell them that this quest is very likely to result in at least one party member dying. Regardless, they rented a few horses and decided to go to the manor the monster was supposed to live. Upon arriving, they realized that there were not only one but two monsters (Air Elemental Myrmidons btw.) guarding the corpse of a deceased duke.

The original plan was to have one of the Elementals knock one of the members unconcious so that the party would realize the gravity of the situation and leave. But of course that's not how it went. After taking a thorough beating, three of the four PCs decided to make a run for it. The fourth, however, decided to STAB THE CORPSE THE MONSTERS WERE GUARDING. They of course proceeded to beat him to a pulp, killing him. Another PC, who basically was a father figure for the PC sprinted back into the room, neatly avoiding a lethal opportunity attack, managing to retrieve a piece of the corpse.

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Remember the Archdruid they befriended? That's were he becomes important. The party immediately visited him to convince him to revive their fellow party member. Now the only two spells (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong) are True Resurrection and Reincarnate. True Resurrection of course isn't an option, it costs way too much. The other option, Reincarnate, requires rare oils and unquents worth at least 1.000 gp. But of course, being indepted, they do not have that much money. I don't just want to give them some bullshit excuse to revive the PC, but I want to give them a realistic chance. What should I do now?

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