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My players just murdered their first NPC

Content of the article: "My players just murdered their first NPC"

Backstory, I have been running the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign setting as a stepping stone in my home brew campaign. The last two session found them arriving in the salty sea port and quickly getting wrapped up in the local politics. Their mission is to escort a child to the island of the elves, the only problems the elves disappeared over a thousand years ago and now nobody knows where they went, let alone speak or read any ancient texts that could find them. Except one man, the grave keeper, a half orc named Krag, also as a passion as a researcher and lore master of the region. The party heard about him,and propositioned his help, he happily agrees on one condition, they retrieve his journal from the haunted house in town, as It consisted all of his notes and translations. The party goes to fetch his journal and uncover a smuggling operation underneath the house. This is where everything goes sideways, they kills the smugglers and retrieve Krags journal and return to him the next day. At that point everyone decided to keep the smuggling operations a secret, so when Krag asked them what they found inside the house, on of them lies to him, very poorly, she rolled a 2 on deception. Krag realized they’re lying to him and asks why his new friends were lying to him, but they just kept getting sketchier until Krag says, “ I’m going to get the guard captain to investigate that house” and leaves, so they chase him and he runs. They caught up to him and try to convince him again to stop, unsuccessfully mind you. He kept rolling super high on his Dex saves and his Strengths save to no get caught. So the rogue takes an arrow covers it in a sleep Berry, and shoots him with the arrow. What they didn’t know is this poor guy had commoner stats, and when the rogue hit him she also did damage, a lot of damage. Like almost 3x hit max hp. I sat their for a moment in absolute shock, having just lost a very key NPC. AND I LOVED IT. I called a quick break and wracked my brain, and realized I was having more fun than ever.

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DM’s do not be afraid of you players jacking up your world, roll with the punch’s and laugh at these situations, they will make you a better DM

TLDR; my players accidentally murdered a key npc and I absolutely loved it

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