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My Players Now Own a Town

So to make a short story long: my DnD party has had some interesting encounters lately, many of them causing confusion and begging questions which will all tie together by the end of the campaign. Most recent of these encounters was after they were sent back to the present day (from being in the past) by some divine magic power, after having been sent back in time to stop a great evil. They arrive back in the present, and go to claim a reward from a Baron they took and completed a job for before being sent back in time in the first place.

They never liked this Baron, as I made him with the purpose of being a stuck up, pretentious, arrogant, "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" kind of ruler. This Baron ordered his servants around with threats, abused his servants for his own desires, and squandered much of his inherited wealth on food, wine, and women. He has been letting the main town of his barony, Kingsgrove, degrade and suffer from poverty, malnourishment, and disease, while hoarding the harvest from each season for himself. Due to this he would eat, and eat, and eat, all the grain, the fruit, and the meat; selling off the rest for profit, leaving the town in a famished state both literally and financially. No one, save a guard or two, liked the Baron a single bit, and he was quite universally seen as detrimental to the community.

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So then my party arrives to claim their reward…

They waltz in quite casually to accept their reward, who is brought to them by a young servant, who was being verbally abused and threatened by the Baron for dawdling. One party member approached her and gave her a tip, which the Baron immediately demanded be given to him (strike 1 for the Baron). They stopped her before she could obey the command, confronting the Baron with threats, until he was charmed via magic to calm down. After being asked if he had an heir to his barony (as an implied threat). He claimed he never had need for "dirty, rotten children," and that he would name an heir on his deathbed. The party decided to leave and he demanded they take the young servant girl with them as if they were offering to pay her they might as well take her as she has been tainted by the desire for gold now, and he has no need for servants who dawdle (strike 2 for the Baron). They took the servant with them and left the Baron's keep, asking the servant girl if she had ever been abused by him physically, in response to which she rolled up her sleeves to expose rope burns on her wrists, bruises, and cuts all up her arms. (Strike 3 for the Baron).

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The Wizard (who is also a vampire) immeadiately turns back to the Keep, followed by the Rogue who decided to stealth in, and the Monk/Cleric who backed everyone up. Baron demands they leave or else he will have them hanged, to which the Wizard replied: "Let us discuss this in a more private manner." I made them roll an Intimidation check for the guards in the room, which had a lower DC because of their distaste of the Baron, and each of the 6 guards in the room left aside for 1, who stood his ground for a moment before running away with his tail between his legs. As the Baron stands up to approach the Wizard, the Rogue sneaks up from behind and stabs him through the chest, when suddenly seeing a meal the vampire Wizard charges at his neck and ends the Baron's life.

At this point the guards were called by the party, who returned in shock at what had happened and that his corpse was so defiled, but also somewhat relived the terrible Baron was gone.

Now as a DM I had a choice, give the option of being Barons or to not, I chose the former. The guards, having no legal heir to grant the barony to, suggest the party take over. They accept, and the Steward is called to prepare for the necessary paperwork and meetings to officially ordain the party as Barons and begin to follow through with their thoughts of what the town can do the bounce back.

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So essentially by killing a single bad person, who was disliked by his whole barony, and took his spot and became lords and land owners, with a town in crisis and need of political reform and help.

I only have 1 question now for suggestions on how or what plot threads or encounters I can weave into this narrative to make rebuilding and managing the city fun and interesting.!


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