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My saddest moment as a DM yet

Content of the article: "My saddest moment as a DM yet"

So we were playing the campain of the Essential kit, it's my first time DMing. They were travelling, role playing, doing all sorts of quests and they had a bard, who, during the journey played a bit of ukulele to lighten up the mood.

This mf rolled a nat 20, so i came up with an idea. As he was performing, a tiny little gnome showed up above the hill and started following the PC while dancing. He was a bit stupid but he was really cute and everyone loved that gnome. I called him Schoimplift. When the PC talked to him and he didn't know what to answer he just started to do his little dancey dance again.

I gave him the statblock of a Spellcaster sidekick and they just went through the whole campain without losing him, taking really care of this little creature.

The night before the big fight, the cleric of the team decided to teach him some words because he couldn't write or read and he couldn't even make sentences. She then discovered that he was only 11 years old. So with a really kind intention, she started teaching him a few words and she then tried to teach him to write his name.

The next day, they were fighting a young white dragon. Everything went pretty fine, nobody was down. But the PC decided to line up in front of the dragon, so the little gnome just followed them and hide behind the cleric.

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The dragon began to inspire and he started to blow frost. They all made the Dexterity saving throw except… Shcoimplift. I rolled a nat 1. I changed the OST to "fall of gandalf" and started describing what was happening.

https://youtu.be/Q1iecuzMLmo (put this OST before reading)

"As the dragon blew his ray of frost, you all manage to barely escape. Except the tiny little gnome left behind not knowing what to do. As he watches you flee, he just start dancing looking at you Zerae(the cleric). When the cold breeze reach the gnome, his skin becomes blue and what was before your companion, turns into a lifeless ice statue. The statue explodes, leaving on the ground, only the leftovers of Schoimplift. Falling on the ground, you can briefly see a sort of ring he carried in his pocket."

While describing these events, i almost had a tear and all the players seemed despondent.

When the fight finished, the bard picked up the ring on the floor, only to discover that during the night, when the cleric taught him how to write, he wrote what he thought was his name on a little clay ring he made himslef. It was written "Schoinppleeft".

Long live his memory in our heart and thanks for reading and sorry for the bad english!

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