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My son is going to try D&D for the first time

Content of the article: "My son is going to try D&D for the first time"

Hello! A few days ago, I posted a picture of a "murder rug" that I had made for atmosphere as I switched my players from HotDQ to CoS. Well, when I was looking at our party, the only thing we were desperately in need of was a rogue (we had one at one point, but he stopped showing up for sessions because he doesn't like how friendly our dogs are).

So, I threw out the idea of playing to our 9 year old son. At first, he was hesitant. He has autism, but he is on the very high functioning end of the spectrum. Hes watched us play many times, but was nervous about trying something that didn't have very much visual stimulation and that required him to rely so heavily on imagination. Eventually, he decided to give it a shot, as long as his dad would help him play at first.

We worked together to make his character, Shinbi (named after a character in an anime he watches). Shinbi is a 4 year old monkey goblin arcane trickster rogue. He's a child, and his backstory is roughly that his clan of goblins wandered into Barovia and were killed by wolves, but Shinbi was smarter than most goblins and was able to hide. Since then, he's been living on his own. Hes tried to escape Barovia a few times, but was unable to due to the mists. He sneaks into the village of Barovia to steal food and baubles, but doesn't understand why people get so mad about it. He likes to play tricks on people, and LOVES attention, as most small children do. He also has a huge amount of curiosity and investigates EVERYTHING. Every so often a group of adventurers shows up in Barovia, but they always end up being killed by Strahd or the other creatures in Barovia.

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Since he's able to transform into a small tree and has a tail and climbing speed, he was introduced to the group after the gates of Barovia closed on them. They noticed a small tree to the side of the road. As they rounded a curve, they noticed the same small tree again. Then, they came upon it in the middle of the path, and out popped Shinbi! They left off in murder house, where Shinbi had taken a cloak and top hat from the closet downstairs, and he's running around pretending to be a proper gentleman.

My husband says Shibis personality reminds him of a mixture of Ed from Cowboy Bebop and Skull Kid from the Zelda series.

I just thought this was a creative change from the usual edgy, mysterious rogue stereotype, and thought it was worth sharing. Unfortunately, nobody in our family can draw for shit, so I don't have an image to share of him.

Edit: Wanted to add that Shinbi is only about 2.5 ft tall. And, naturally, hes very favorable of my husband's character, who is an 8 ft tall shirtless half orc barbarian with a necklace made from the ears of every humanoid he's killed and the pelt of a bear for a cloak. The two of them together is a funny mental image.

2nd Edit: I didn't know what flair to add but my post was going to be removed if I didn't add one, so I put it under OC.

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