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My uncle blows us, a whole barn, and farm up, causing a rebellion, civil war and minor earthquakes.

Content of the article: "My uncle blows us, a whole barn, and farm up, causing a rebellion, civil war and minor earthquakes."

Hello there, this is like my third post on this subreddit.

So my brother decided to play as the DM, and my uncle, dad, sister and I are the players.

I'm a Channeler (homebrew class)

My sister is an Assassin Rogue, dad's a (don't know what sub lol) bard and uncle is a Wildfire Druid.

This story is the third or fourth session, and we were assigned by the king of the country we're in to investigate into a cult following Kelemvor the death god. After talking with a couple of Orcs who were dumping dead bodies into a stable's hay, we were lead to a place called the Red Barn. The people were situated in three rings, the first – poor, second – middle class, third – rich, and the first was locked down thanks to a lot of murders and deaths. Inside of the Barn, was a hallucinogenic methane based gas.

My uncle and sister are new to the game, my brother and I have a few years of experience, while my dad is a vet. Anyway, we were turned away from the barn, not wanting to fully be immersed in that gas for too long. My uncle's character realized that there was a methane gas in the air there, concentrated in the air, causing hallucinations and euphoric feelings. Deep underneath the earth housed a few special mushrooms.

We did talk about burning down the barn, in hopes of destroying the cult and get rid of the gas. We decided however to try and sneak in through the window to enter, and get to the cult's main part. When we manage to make it to the top, my sister's Rogue getting high from the gas so she's the last one up.

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When we get inside, a few cultists and the leader (though we didn't know it at the time) were somehow waiting for us, as they tried to get rid of us again. Then my uncle summons a wildfire spirit, and before anyone can even think (even before he thinks) he shoots a flame seed into the gas.

Causing the gas to explode. In a 45 x 45 x 45 foot cube in all directions. including where we were (sister was just outside the range). I was knocked to -8 damage from the sheer flame and then the rocking force damage. Dad's bard was knocked to 0, while Uncle's druid fell to 1. Sister's rogue came back up after sobering up and grabs me from the flames.

After healing us both up, one with pure magic, the other with an arrow that heals anyone it's shot into, we headed back to the castle, almost escorted by a character from dad's backstory. As we're walking, flames, explosions and fighting could be heard and seen in the city. Rumbling was felt under our feet as my brother explained that the gas lead to other parts of the city. Thanks to the main explosion from the barn, caused tremors underground and more various explosions around the city.

The civilians of the first ring, grew into a riot thanks to tensions growing since the formation of the cult, and exploded into full scale rebellion, that was later quelled thanks to a treaty.


So yeah … my uncle almost TPK'd us in one night, and destroyed a country.

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