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My wife’s first encounter with Instant Death

Content of the article: "My wife’s first encounter with Instant Death"

Tldr: wife decided instant death is a bad mechanic after one-shotting me.

My wife decided to try DM'ing to give our normal DM a break. We're switching to 5e and she got the Curse of Strahd module. She's spent the last two weeks planning, reading, prepping individual hooks, and generally going above and beyond for planning. We had a game 0 last week to make sure the party was all connected and well rounded.

Tonight was the first game. We're starting at level 1 and she created two 'on the road' encounters to get us started and kinda set the feel before the actual module.

Encounter 1: 5 zombies attack us during the night. We set watch, caught them ahead of time and dealt with them with no problems. Standard fair, but our little level 1's are feeling good.

Encounter 2: 2 dire wolves sneak up on us while we're on the road. The druid spotted them after they got close, but before they got to us. So the wolves didn't get a surprise round. Roll for initiative. Druid goes first and thunderwaves a wolf to knock it away. Wolf fails the save, but the druid didn't pay attention to angle sending the wolf at me (sorcerer) in the back row.

The Wolf goes next. Since it's now basically standing on top of me, it makes sense for it to try and bite me. Natural 20... 19 damage. We're lvl 1. I have 9 hp total. I start laughing, "well, I'm dead". Our normal DM starts laughing. My wife starts laughing thinking I'm joking/ exaggerating. She says, "well it's your turn next, so give me a saving throw." Me, "No, I mean it. I'm actually dead. That was a massive damage kill." .... (normal dm starts laughing harder) ..."what?" After a few minutes of her reading the rules, cursing a bit, yelling that "kobold club said this would be a medium encounter, i did my homework"; she finally decided with great certainty: "That rule is stupid. We're not using it. I put in too much work for you to die in the prologue. Roll your d**n save." 

So yeah. My wife shouldve killed me game 1, and because of that decided we wouldn't be using the "instant death" rule. It was a good game 1.

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