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my worst dm so far

>be me divine soul sorcerer
>be not me warlock and wizard also DM (duh)

>play a homebrew campaign so the world works a little bit differently
>we go to a bar after we arrive on an island.
>as the bar get's ambushed by bandits we hide behind a counter (we are all lvl1)
>4 of the bandits run to the back into the alleyway we follow and leave behind a strong NPC who we met at the bar to fend off the rest
>we fight the bandits and defeat them no sweat
>when we get back in the bar we see the friend surrounded by bandit corpses as he drains the life out of one of them
>my character being a smart ass asks this man "how did you do that?"
>gets punched in the stomach immediate knockout might've actually killed my character if one of the other players wasn't someone he was trying to be friends with
>get dragged to base by teammates wakeup halfway and walk on from there
>DM sets up a scene where the big cool guy we just met shoots down a boat in the harbor (story equivalent of sucking a character D because he is so cool)
>we then go back to the actual base where the gang of people we were supposed to work for live
>we get a place to stay for the night and seeing as i am beat up i sleep
> end off session he says that we need to level up 2 levels to make it fair for what he has planned (not ominous at all)
>warlock gets eldritch sight which is necessary for later
>we wake up by a knock on our door
>the shopkeep tells us we have a JOB to do (note the term job is also needed later)
>we get send to the harbor to unload some crates from a ship
>and we do that when during the middle of it we get ambushed by pirates
>we fend them off reasonably easily
>as we get back on the boat we see an ominous box
>warlock investigates with eldritch sight and after looking at black magic aura gets set on psychic flames
>i cast sleep to make him stop screaming but accidentally knock out the entire party (all casters have low health go figure)
>when we get woken up we go back to work
>and mister cool guy McGee comes over to "interrogate" a pirate and just puts a weird paper on his head as he dies instantly
>we go to do shop to ask for some reward for our JOB
>DM says fuck off you just moved some crates
>we get into an argument with the SHOPKEEP
>and as we leave (without money) our wizard uses 2nd lvl transmutation power to turn the metal lock into a broken lock
>immediately gets a lightning bolt (we are still lvl 3) shot at us through the door
>as we leave (i am unconscious again) we get send out to do another errand this time from cool dude and not from the organization we work for
>somewhere along the line we get told that there is a hierarchy in the organization and we are the lowest of the low (even tho we are a task force of a commander) and so the shopkeep had all the right to do that and we should've know she was that strong
>we get to a temple with nothing in it but a palladin
>palladin is very strong and tries to attack us but gets absolutely whammied by action economy and a crit guiding bolt
>another OP npc appears because apparently god lvl npc's are about as common as grocery stores that sell M&M's
>tells us we need to follow him
>session ends
>DM straight up ghosts us

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>luckily me and the players found some more people and played another game which was fun

tl;dr, BAD dm tries to railroad us while saying we have a choice and sets up unwinnable situations because roleplay is officially bad before he ghosts us never to be heard of again


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