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NADDPOD is a good dnd podcast, but why has nobody ever seem to know about it?

Content of the article: "NADDPOD is a good dnd podcast, but why has nobody ever seem to know about it?"

When I first got spotify premium 3 years ago, i decided to find a good dnd podcast that wasn't too large, had a cool concept and had good quality recordings. Larger dnd podcasts like critical role at the time put me off as I felt partially intimidated by such a large, dedicated fan-base. The same went for adventure zone. While I have come to love those shows as of late, at the time, I wanted to listen to a podcast with slightly more normal people.

With critical role containing a cast of voice actors and adventure zone a cast of full time podcasters, I was slightly put off, as it did create a bit of distance between me and the creators.

This was when I came across not another dnd podcast (NADDPOD for short). While the cast contained one notable face in the form of Cladwal Tanner from Drawfee, the people of NADDPOD felt like normal people with regular pop culture references, such as the cast signing Toxisity by System of a down in their bonus Trinivale campaign, to referencing all the fantasy worlds that inspired the world of the second campaign. (witcher, bloodborne and classic fairy tales to name a few)

Also, the podcast has great quality, with music made by one of the members and is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that for two of the players, the campaign is basically a part time job for them, and you can hear that quality in the recordings. There is little reverb in the audio, yet it still feels more like listening in to a home game than a TV show, a problem I still have for Critical role and Adventure zone, despite how early recordings felt like hobby projects meets a show.

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When I first came across NADDPOD, they were only beginning their third or fourth story arc (The Galateron or Frostwind sagas if my memory serves). After listening to session zero of the first campaign, I remember browsing some other low quality Mom's basement style recordings from podcasts with no new uploads for months at a time. It did take me almost a year (the end of the first chosen saga) to catch up with the podcast, with weekly episodes and only a few weeks of dead space at the end of important story arcs and every 4 weeks at the end of the first campaign.

While the quality and consistency of these episodes were nice, what really sold me was the concept. For the first campaign, the concept of our hero's dealing with the mistakes of another misfit group was really clever to me. Even the following campaigns have had brilliant ideas behind them. The bonus campaign of Trinivale involving a group of mercenaries who get caught up in the intergalactic squabbles of 3 omnipotent gods. And the Maverus cronicles, 4 boys on holiday at the beach who try to find their best friend, only to have to rescue him and the person who kidnapped him from a cult who are attempting to use their bodies as components for powerful spells so their rich beneficiaries live with eternal life. Even the two main campaigns have great concepts. At the time of writing, only session 0 of the second campaign is out, but even episode 0 sounds like a brilliant concept in of it's own.

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But why has nobody heard of NADDPOD? It's been mentioned they are on Itunes, soundcloud and spotify, so i'm unsure how very few people have heard of it. I've been to a fair number of gaming conventions, all with significant reference to tabletop RPG's and DnD in particular. I asked the people running the RPG tables and the cosplayers. Critical role is mentioned, but never NADDPOD. As of writing, on Spotify as of writing, NADDPOD is the 4th largest Games podcast and the second largest DnD podcast, beaten there by adventure zone.

Hopefully this post will make more people aware of what I think is an underappreciated DnD podcast that deserves far more love than it ever seems to give.

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