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Names of towns for a homebrew world

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Hey y'all, I'm needing some help naming some towns in my world. The world itself was settled 300 years ago after an event that's become known as The Crossing. One night, billions of creatures across the multiverse dreamt themselves on a great journey culminating in an enormous spire topped by a brilliant light. When they arrived at the spire they awoke to find themselves in a new world I have unimaginatively named Terranova. The Crossing has lifted members of species from all over fantasy including all the D&D settings, Robin Hobb's liveship trilogy, Middle-earth legendarium, The Continent of the Witcher series etc etc

Where there was one dreamer there was a chance that they would cause others to share the dream and so there could be (but wasn't always) a chain reaction. Also, whenever a dreamer Crossed they would physically bring with them a chunk of the area in which they'd slept, as well as any other creatures in the area effected, and this effect was compounded in areas with many sleepers.

This would sometimes lead to large areas of cities Crossing into the world, though the buildings would usually be wrecked by the stress of the Crossing. More pertinently, it could lead to 1800s era sailing vessels crossing in their entirety, often without too much stress due to the fluid nature of their surroundings. This last sentence is the entire reason for the rest of the world's existence.

The campaign I'm going to run will involve the PCs being the crew of a privateer working out of the great city of Bellustrious which sits astride the Wyrm, the longest and most voluminous river on the continent of Cyrosia. Bellustrious is named after the two 19th century warships Bellerophon and Illustrious which protected the settlements during the early years when disease, starvation and attacks by enormous predators were commonplace. The ships had useful facilities and large amounts of firepower and were used in the same manner as medieval societies often used castles, as a place to fall back to when under attack.

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Now, what I actually need are names from all over the fantasy genre, or from our earth circa 1803 for the following things:

As many cool names for warships as people can think of, from all earthly cultures and any others in the fantasy genre

A desert nation founded along annually flooding rivers who also traverse the deep desert doing geological surveys in search of resources

A tolerant, mixed-culture coastal nation in a heavily wooded area

A large, nomadic tundra based civilization of goliaths and giants. Currently leading towards simply calling it Jotunheim.

Several eyries of Aarakocra based in the mountainous regions of the world

A nomadic plains civilization, preferably of Native American origin, though central Asian is also on the cards

Dwarven cities mostly founded on the borders of wooded and mountainous areas away from the human cities. The dwarven cultures are from all over fantasy literature so go nuts with the naming

A Loxodon city founded on floodplains that look out on the widest ocean on the planet which is not infrequently wracked with storms of wild magic

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Wood elf and gnome cities founded on the edge of a great jungle near the ruins of "totally not unknown Kadath from HP Lovecraft"

A city of Tritons that sits at the very heart of the New Mediterranean, the shallow, relatively friendly sea that will serve as the starting area of the campaign, in a great caldera.

A Polynesian flavoured civilization of nomads who are the world's primary nautical traders a la the Hacan from TI. They will have a good relationship with the city of Tritons mentioned above.

I appreciate all ideas, and I'll answer questions about the setting as it's a good way to learn more about it myself.

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