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Necromantic grenades, a kobold story

>Be me, kobold GW fighter from Here, Here and Here

>Be not me, Rest of party from those stories

>Be Level 3 and take samurai subclass

>Be looting zombies from previous encounter.

>DM asks me to roll arcana while investigating the corpses

> -1 mod and don't roll too high

>Don't find much, get sus of the corpses and start prodding them to make sure they're dead

>"You hear a cracking sound and this strange ooze leaks out of the zombie's corpses"

>Repeat about 6 times before someone else investigates

>Party find Purple crystal balls inside the zombies

>Party find BIGGER crystal balls inside the ogre zombie

>Immediately gather the crystal balls up and put them in a pouch

>Goblin rogue gets to the other big one before me and yeets at a tree that's still on fire due to NPC wizard's firebolt action I forgot to mention last time

>The tree starts to look all undead and corrupted before the fire goes out only for it too explode with what OOC sounds like necrotic energy

>Create and post this image

>NPC and PC druids both come up to me and ask me to hand over the big orb after seeing that happen.

>Be apprehensive but about to give it over when I spot Goblin rogue with his hand in my pouch

>Feel equal parts



>Yell "I THOUGHT WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT" at goblin rogue and too cart, curl up in my blanket and mope while the rest of the players finish up their RP

>See bard open a book, pass out, book morphs into a sword that disappears

>Ignore it because I have the big sad

>Arrive at town destination


in the middle of town, Insight check reveals he's speaking genuinely as far as I can tell

>See arguement between Doomsayer and Fancy looking MF with a very nice looking longbow

>Find out he's a lesser noble

>Find out he's the contractor after commotion is settled and he walks us to his tiny office

>Explains the situation to us. He needs extra help clearing out goblins while we're here, the bull thing is another problem that he used to hopefully get some quality help. Also hopes we find the key to the arcaneum while we're here because they guy who apparently had it lost.

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>Ask what the arcaneum is to give the DM a chance to lore dump on us

>Noble explains it's basically a magic library you need either a noble's permission or money to enter

>Present the orb to him asking him if he knows anything about it or if he thinks there might be anything in the arcaneum on it

>Noble says it's something to do with necromancy. After mentioning the zombie horde to him he mentions that necromancy is openly practiced in this empire

>Party except me are shocked to hear this. I don't really give a shit

>Cleric visibly disgusted.

>Cleric takes offer of free booze

>OOC me and 3 other people chant "based" and "king"

>Noble then shows us to the free lodgings we've been offered, mentions there's one other person living there too at the moment. A PC who introduces himself as "Zacheria" (Pronounced Zak-urr-rye-a)

>Seems human, creepy as fuck but seems to have knowledge about magic.

>Show him the orb

>DM tells him he knows what it is but maybe doesn't trust the party just yet.

>Player chooses to play dumb, Tell him about my Plans for it

>DM tells him he knows that sounds like a bad idea


in chat

>Move go to rest house and sleep for the night. End session.

>DM writes a sidestory in the chat, Goblin rogue goes out searching for the goblin base and finds it, NPC druid follows him, takes his mask and snaps in half telling him to fuck off because she's racist against goblins.

>Goblin rogue runs off crying about his regrets, not seeing triton bard again, not mending mine and his relationship when he sees something in a tree, tries and fails to grab it but casts mage hand and gets it, realises he's now an arcane trickster.

>Next session starts with us waking up at some ungodly hour.

>Goblin rogue is missing, triton druid who is basically his mum at this point is crying when she finds his crossbow.

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>Ruckus outside turns out to be doomsayer with angry mob whipped up into a frenzy by doomsayer saying we were hired to oppress them

>Put sword down in house and go to laugh at mob at how wrong they are

>Vuman monk gives "Look we could easily kill you all so if were hired to do that we already would have." Speech and crowd disperses, he notices the doomsayer was doing hand signals and some people in the back were moving when he did them

>Go back to house and see Triton druid crying over goblin rogue's crossbow

>Kinda have an "are ya winning son?" moment before being shown to the goblin cave

>Party heads to goblin cave, NPC druid sends owl familiar head to scout and it gets 360 noscoped

>Goblins call out intruders and go to investigate.

>I ready an action to snipe them as soon as I see them as does another party member


>Enter cave, it's dark but I have darkvison 60 ft, take point

> split off into two groups to investigate two tunnels, Notice one is slightly larger then the other

>Say to GM "OOC I get the feeling that the smallest of the two smaller tunnels is probably the one the goblins here used to get around while the human sized one probably has traps set up but I've got 8 INT, should I roll to see if I can figure that out in character?"

>Rolls int and passes, figures it out IC, warn the rest of the group.

>Move up in stealth, see two goblins which speak in common saying "no one is stupid enough to go up right tunnel." Ready an action to snipe one with my crossbow as soon as it moves or my allies come in

>Vuman monk is in my sub-group, lights a torch and moves up causing one goblin to go investigate. I take my shot

>Headshot, he down.

>Other goblin is shocked as party comes in and engages

>Other subgroup led by Goliath Barb basically walking into an overwatch trap with Goliath bard holding a torch

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>Goliath barb just yeets a rock into the darkness and nat 20's one goblin killing it.

>Realise I have work in the morning and have to get up at 5, look at clock 11:30

>Second round starts and I tell group "hey I might have to leave after my next turn feel free to pilot my character"

>Group is cool with it

>Vuman monk despite having the highest AC of the party is continually getting shit on by these goblins. Some new ones show up and cause him trouble before disappearing into the shadows. He does manage to kill one though

>Chase after the survivor on my turn. Attack and miss, my blade goes too high.

>Decide I'm not leaving the session on a low note

>Action surge and pop one fighting spirit to give myself advantage

>*Heavy metal playing in the distance*

>Cleave the fucker in two as per tradition

>DM says my

>Dip from the session after saying goodbye. Hear what happened after the fact in a VC two days later

>Vuman kept getting hit, Vuman's player was the one giving control over my character so had him hold down a choke point with Cleric casting sanctuary on me

>Party found a mimic and a manticore which were some trouble but killed, Vuman had to use his only health pot. Seems like it went well though.


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