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Need a Hook for my Lore Bard player

Content of the article: "Need a Hook for my Lore Bard player"

First, if any of my players are reading this, the B-Keeper demands you turn back now, for you are entering campaign spoiler territory.

It took 21 sessions, but I finally finished DMing the first leg of my first campaign. I ran the starter adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak and we're currently in the middle of a two-week hiatus (two months in-game). I'm going to be transitioning them into Princes of the Apocalypse, but I'm going to be bringing them into the area with necromancy being the "main" threat at first and then having the players realize the larger elemental forces raging around them.

For three of my four players, this was pretty easy. I have a kenku house of the lycan/grave cleric of kelemvor, so just the hint of necromancy would send her off to destroy it. I have an autumn eladrin death cleric of hel/great old one warlock who has an interest in learning necromancy, so it would be easy to convince her. This one was a bit more difficult, but my dwarven drunken monk/paladin of duin is currently repairing Axeholm (from the previous campaign) to turn into another brewery outpost for his family, so I figured a missing shipment and a lone survivor telling what he saw would spur him back into action.

Then there's my tiefling lore bard who's working on multiclassing into a wizard. She hasn't decided on a school yet (said she'd tell me in a day as of posting), but her character hasn't shown much of an interest in necromancy in general (but isn't outwardly against it either). As a bard, her interests have been learning as many songs from different cultures as possible. Currently, she's in a homebrew lyceum of mine on the sword coast, near where Princes of the Apocalypse takes place, but I don't know what might draw her from her studies to pursue this and regroup with the party. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! And I'll do my best to answer follow-up questions. Thanks!

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