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Need a story beat for a tricky character situation

Content of the article: "Need a story beat for a tricky character situation"

If this has been answered similarly somewhere else, please point me to that. I didn't see anything when I looked, but I could have missed it. I appreciate your help in advance.

I need a solo RP or adventure beat for a character in an upcoming session. Here's the background:

This PC is a Goliath ranger/barbarian who was exiled from her tribe when she was younger. She joined the party to participate in a prestigious monster hunt that the party would train for. She got close to the party's monster hunter mentor and another member of the party. Throughout the events of the campaign, the mentor was murdered by the BBEG of another plot arc, and her best friend was killed in battle against another PC's evil dad. She is also afraid of her rage and is afraid of becoming controlled by it and hurting people. This character continues searching for family and doesn't seem to realize she has one in the party, even without her best friend or mentor.

We have reached the story beat for the main event of the monster hunt. This was supposed to be this PC's moment. It was going to be very centered on her, with the rest of the party as support. But she messaged me this week to say she won't be at the next session, and now I'm floundering. I straight up do not know what to do. I don't want to postpone the session because we already go so long in between sessions, but I'm at a loss.

Other plot-relevant things:

  1. This PC met an NPC who is also a former member of her tribe.
  2. The mentor's remains may or may not (*cough*) have been dug up by a known enemy necromancer.
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Do I have the rest of the party continue the monster hunt as if this PC is present, or do I hit pause and do something else, or do I just do a one-shot until the player returns, or…?

I'm reminded of the episode of Critical Role campaign 1 where the party has to spin their wheels because Taliesin Jaffe was out and the arc was Percy-centric, but I'm not sure what to do to make that happen in my own campaign. I feel like there's a really obvious solution and I'm just overlooking it.

Any assistance is deeply appreciated.

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