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Need advice for monetizing a “special currency” for my first Homebrew

My current house game's DM is taking a break from our 16 month campaign, and it was decided we'd start up a new campaign in a homebrew I've been working on. This is a first for me, but I've been DMing 2 other tweaked module campaigns for over a year so I'm ready for something truly my own.

One of the most interesting aspects of my High Magic world IMO is the additional monetary system. Adventurers travel the lands, exploring and completing quests for regular currency, but also finding and trading in a new currency for use at large stores for magical items/potions/services/etc. Here is a little blurb handout for my players:

Dragon Stones

These magical blue iridescent stones were scattered throughout the land when the meteor shower struck the Known World. The shower, which was visible for 2 weeks, struck the lands from coast to coast, causing minimal to massive damage throughout. They range in size from Chip to Stone and each size is appointed a monetary value, which are a special currency known as the Dragon Doubloon, and are only redeemable at Caster Assembly Workshops and Stores. Here, DD’s can be exchanged for magical items, scrolls, potions, and services.

Chip = .25 of a DD 2oz

Shard = .50 of a DD 4oz

Small Rock = 1 DD 8oz

Rock = 2 DD 16oz

Large Rock = 3 DD 24oz

Chunk = 6 DD 48oz

Stone = 12 DD 96oz

The idea is that the Caster Assembly across the lands are using these Dragon Stones to augment inherent magical abilities to bring them to a whole new level. Whether for good or evil intent, their goal is to entice would be adventurers to explore the lands in search of the stones and trade them in for a secondary currency, the Dragon Doubloon, which can only be used at their designated stores for magical items/etc.

I really love the idea, but I'm honestly not sure how to equate the Doubloons to the current 5e currency. My original thought was to have the stones and subsequent smaller pieces be traded based on weight, and I wanted the weight to have an effect on gameplay. Coin weight in 5e is oftentimes overlooked (unless you're dealing with a Dragon Horde of course) and I liked the feeling of the characters deliberating whether they make the trek to the nearest Workshop (potential for more of the 3 Pillars) to turn in their earned/found stone weight, or continue on into the unknown (potential for being robbed, encumbered, etc).

I also like the idea of the Doubloons being a single currency and needing considerably less of them for trade, versus the current monetary system which contains 5 different coins. Additionally, they will only be used to purchase things that with the current currency cost on average much higher than standard equipment would.

This brings me to my biggest issue: What would a single Dragon Doubloon equate to in gold pieces? Should I even be thinking about it in those terms? Should each of the rarity categories have a static Doubloon requirement? If so, this would skew the economy drastically, which would make my book keeping tidier, but there would invariably be a moment of critical mass where they could essentially be able to afford the most OP equipment known to D&D. Or if I restrict the currency to to an X to Y exchange rate, then every magical item in the game would be subject to a formula calculation, leading to more book keeping.

I realize this is likely a very easy quandry to some, but for me, I really want to get this right since so much of my world lore revolves around this premise.

I'm honestly open to any ideas, and would love to bounce ideas around with those of you willing to dig into this thought experiment. I thank you all in advance!


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