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Need advice on how to deal with a DMPC whos become a little too influential to the story and my potentially dying group

Content of the article: "Need advice on how to deal with a DMPC whos become a little too influential to the story and my potentially dying group"

Background is my group and I have been playing, including and excluding some members, about twenty years. We've always had the same core members and the same DM minus some side content. However as of late people seem to be less interested, although we still meet regularly (online now)

My DM has almost always included his own PCs, either if the group was too small at the time and he wanted to fill in a necessary gap or to provide support for the group. It's always been fairly balanced and fine.

In our latest game however with also our biggest group yet (with between eight and ten people) he's included a new DMPC. This character is essentially a self insert, someone who is fantastically outrageous and very extra. Super influential and powerful. We ended up needing his assistance to escape a situation and I thought after that we wouldn't see him again.

However, shortly later, he returns for no real explainable reason. He apparently abandoned his well established and very fruitful business venture to just join us I guess. And since his arrival it seems as if my DM hasn't trusted us to make decisions.

In trouble? The character pops in without warning to provide help. Need a distraction? There he is even though he wasn't there before. Need an idea, he just walks in with a story changing revelation. Need finances, oh he's also rich and influential to the other PCs.

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Since his arrival we've not done anything ourselves for the most part. And it seems he's here to stay.

Now, excluding one other member, everyone else seems to adore this character and not mind his inclusion. I don't know if it's just because people are zoning out and happy to have someone just take the lead, or that they're really excited about his self insert, but it's disappointing and makes me feel like I can't speak up or else I'll upset both the DM and the other players.

I'm seeing my group begin to deteriorate and I just don't know how to approach this. Should I just keep my mouth shut and be happy they're even interested in play? Should I address it and potentially fix the issue but risk people getting tuned out even more? I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced these issues and might have some insight.

On a side note I've involved myself with another very newer group who is also playing so I've been able to get time in that feels genuine but the idea of my long running group just dying out is honestly a heartbreaking one.

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