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Need advice with full party mind control.

Content of the article: "Need advice with full party mind control."

For the slim chance of my party stumbling here – Kel'Tar, Milas, Sarte and Fann-not-the-Lich please turn away.

Greetings. In my last session i got in a sort of plight. My extremely strong level 17 party, somewhat optimized, with magic item vault in their dimensional bags worth a few towns, before the final showdown of 2 year campaign, decided to tie loose ends and went to finish off that local river aboleth, whom they ran away from when they were level 8. While i made sure to paint how, them dodging this responsibility, have devastated the locals – i was planning to run this encounter as it were. After all they were having deadly and realm-scale important fights of late and it was a great chance to showcase how much have they grown during this adventure before the finale.

Well… they got abolethed. With no preparation they swam on into his lair, full of non-transparent water and one by one two lads got enslaved. Only after the third enslavement failed they understood what is happening and then the third one got grappled by local chull, got then paralyzed by said chull and pulled to lake floor in consequent turns of failed saves. On the first round i ordered two enslaved players to pull the forth into the water and, true to his roleplay, one of them dominate monster-ed the forth to swim deep down.

They failed all saves. I even tried to help the forth player by aboleth hitting him to apply curse, but those saves were failed all too. Lucky feat, lucky sword, all those big boy re-roll abilities. Everything failed. I now have a biggest hitter and party healer enslaved, cursed rogue at the lake bed who will die solo no matter what and a dominated cursed sorcerer happily swimming around. The session thankfully ended before the end of fight.

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I obviously don't want to end campaign on that note, but how to smoothly escape the situation? My current idea is either to kill two non-enslaved players or make the aboleth's slaves beat them to unconscious until the next day. And then, "A few days later…" make the first two(not yet water cursed) attack the nearest town to kidnap it's leaders(the aboleth's original goal was to take over more and more territory) . And either make them really fight the bad side until they fail the enslavement check or straight up skip until the party healer "wakes up" to them killing locals. I lean to the second idea, as party healer is the only one with +2 to wisdom saves. After which i predict they will regroup, armed with mind blank plow through aboleth(which i am tempted to make run away, with new knowledge of how fearsome the party in direct fight is) and restore/resurrect their friends.

That said i am not sure if that would be a bit too much of evil deeds on their good-aligned hands. (And with their astonishing power they are sure to devastate the poor town). Maybe good roleplay moment, but i am not that sure about how the players will feel. So here i am asking other DMs, who may either encountered such situations in their time or simply have a spark of imaginations reading all this for ideas. Any other way i can solve this unfortunate stream of bad dices?

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