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Need help about a PC’s backstory

Content of the article: "Need help about a PC’s backstory"

Hi everyone. One of my players is a kenku Raven Queen warlock. I want to give him a satisfying character arc. But I am not sure how to drop some clues about the mystery surrounding his backstory without spoiling too much. I would appreciate your help.

Let me give you some info about his backstory. He was an eladrin in the Feywild. He met with the Raven Queen and they fall in love. She took him to her dimension and they lived there for quite some time together. But one day she said "You cheated on me." and turned him into a kenku, kicked him from her dimension to the material plane. The player has no idea why she said that. This is his backstory and the mystery.

In my world, Raven Queen(LN) is a demi-god associated with dreams, nightmares, and omens. She became a demi-god by ascension. Naga (God of Snakes,Reptiles,Lies and Deceit- lesser deity- Obviously CE) didn't like her ascension and sent a messenger to her. Told her to stop using magic to influence people's dreams. She didn't listen to the messenger. Naga sent an army to kill her but she defeated them and escaped to her demiplane. They became enemies. So when Naga saw their relationship he quickly thought a plan. He transformed one of his servants to exactly look like Raven Queen and sent it to our Warlock. The servant only looked like Raven Queen to the player, and anybody else saw it as a normal woman. He slept with her thinking she is his love but Raven Queen -being a demigod I guess- smelled the servant woman's scent. But she doesnt know it was Naga's servants she just thought an ordinary woman. So she turned him into a kenku. Angering a demigod has its consequences.

Read:  My players broke the one rule the Goddess of Death gave them, and told someone she had agreed to lend the party her support - that someone was the BBEG. Now I have to figure out how this changes things.

This is the story in my mind but as I said I'm not sure how to give clues and give him a satisfying character arc. Here are some points about the story and what I want to do;

  • Raven Queen is scared to go out of her demiplane because Naga is much more powerful than her.
  • Naga can not enter her demiplane.
  • Naga's goal is to set them against each other and ultimately defeat Raven Queen.
  • Naga's servant bears the child of our Warlock. (insert cool boss here)
  • I want an intrigue of some kind.
  • I want him to question his thoughts about Raven Queen but Naga wants him to hate her. (Maybe he wants to them to infight and kill themselves?)
  • I want to give him just enough clues. So that in the end he could say "OH! How I couldnt think of that? It was obvious!"

I really want to pull this off because the player is my best friend. Thank you for your help!

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